Why The Next Spider-Man Movie Would Work Better Without Mary Jane/Gwen Stacy

In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, we were introduced to Mary Jane and then the Amazing Spider-Man to Gwen Stacy. When MCU reboot Spider-Man, fans were curious to know who would be his love interest? Fans assumed it would be Mary Jane but it was Michelle Jones-Watson also called MJ.

But now with the recent scenarios that have happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been debating as to who should be Spider-Man’s New Love Interest.

How Spider-Man’s Love Interests Had Been Portrayed in Previous films?

Spider-man should say bye to love interests
Iconic Kiss between Spidery and MJ

Going back to Sam Raimi’s version, Mary Jane was portrayed more as a damsel in distress who needed Spider-Man to save her. While it seems a bit absurd to portray MJ like this, it was pretty heroic when the film was released so we can’t even blame Sam Raimi for the same.

But thankfully, they did rectify this in The Amazing Spider-Man. Gwen Stacy is extremely smart and intelligent. Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy in fact helped Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in defeating the villains in both the Amazing Spider-Man films.

Coming to MCU’s Spider-Man played by Tom Holland, MJ is a great help to Spidy as well.

Spider-Man should not have any love interest
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone from The Amazing Spider-man

Why Should Spider-Man Not Have Any Love Interest?

Spider-Man should focus on crime over romance
SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Tom Holland and Zendaya

If you have ever seen the 1994’s animated series of Spider-Man, you would remember that the series showcased Peter Parker as a superhero and we would just get a few glimpses as to what was happening with Peter’s personal life. And honestly, that is a bit necessary to see his growth as a true super he is like in comics.

The movies did one way restrict Spider-Man from this as they concentrated on Peter’s love life more. In Sam Raimi’s movie, though Peter Parker works alone, MJ plays an important part in his life. He is constantly facing a conflict between being a hero and living a normal life.

Spider-Man should focus on crimes over love interest
Being able to see three spider-men come together was extremely exciting for the fans

Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man have many similarities. Gwen and Peter’s relationship is very important in the film and it feels like a love story more than the superhero one. Gwen is always helping him against the villain which makes him look less capable?

Even Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is always helped by MJ even if it is in the middle of a battle!

This way, the movies have always focused some way or the other on Peter’s love interests and it’s sort of becoming repetitive and irritating. We are more interested to see him as a hero and not his romantic relationship.

What Can The Next Movies Introduce Instead?

Spider-Man should team up with other heroes
Spider-Man has teamed up with many heroes in Marvel comics

Thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell, numerous possibilities have opened up for Spidey films! We can finally see Spider-Man team up with various heroes from Marvel. Possibly he will team up with Deadpool or The Punisher? Or maybe he could pair up with Miles Morales?

We just want to see some real Spidey action, him fighting the villains in the streets of New York City. Please skip love interests this time Kevin Feige!

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