Why The Question Deserves A Live-Action HBO Max Series

In 1966, Steve Ditko crafted a character named Mr. A that was intended to teach young readers about his philosophy as an Objectivist, one who values reason above all other things. Ditko’s intentions went awry in the late 60s and he created another conservative hero known as ‘The Question’ to take his place. This character exclusively debuted with Blue Beetle in 1967.

Unfortunately, The Question never stuck with Charlton comics after appearing in just three issues of Blue Beetle. Over the next 15 years, The Question faded into obscurity before resurfacing again during 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event storyline where he found himself helping Batman fight alongside other notable vigilantes during a massive battle against supervillains like Darkseid.

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The Question in Blue Beetle
The Question in Blue Beetle

The Question’s Abilities And Powers

When Bruce Wayne wanted to fight crime in his home of Gotham, he fought street-level crime as a vigilante. So, when the Question came to the city with the same goal of fighting corruption, he figured he’d have to keep his identity secret, too. But unlike Batman, the Question doesn’t use gadgets and specialized costumes. Instead, he relies on a martial arts prowess more comparable to DC Comics’ martial arts masters like Richard Dragon than it is to Batman’s own acrobatic fighting style. Moreover, the Question’s mask is really important. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to protect his identity.

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The Question Should Get A Live-Action HBO Max Series

The character is a masked vigilante character in the DC Comics mythos. He has no superhuman abilities. Instead, he relies on his investigative skills and martial arts training to solve crimes and defeat villains. With that being said, the character is strongly influenced by the 1920s pulp magazine detective, The Shadow. While The Question may not be as well known in DC Comics as some of the other protagonists, his paranoid personality offers a switch to the stereotypical superhero leads fans are accustomed to seeing. As one of the most well-recognized Neo-Noir series on HBO Max, The Question would make for a thrilling and gripping experience for longtime viewers.

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The Question in DC Comics
The Question in DC Comics
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