“Why they were interviewing Pete Davidson”: After Spending 10 Months in Russian Jail WNBA Star Brittney Griner’s Physique Confuses Fans After Her Release

The cold war rivalry between the two superpowers of this world has still not come to an end. Traces of enmity between the two remain. Russian villains are still a regular feature of American movies. Brittney Griner must have felt that when she was framed for things she didn’t do. But in the era we’re in, it becomes imperative to resort to diplomatic connections. Even America and Russia are. One form of this diplomacy is the exchange of prisoners, under which American pro basketball player, Brittney Griner has finally been brought out of Russia.

Brittney Griner was put behind bars for carrying cannabis oil

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner

Nearly 10 months after basketball pro, Brittney Griner found herself in trouble on foreign lands, she was finally on the way back to her home. The WNBA star had been detained in Russia after it was found that she was carrying vape canisters with cannabis oil, which is a rather serious offense, at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport this February.

The US State Department declared that Griner had been “wrongfully detained”. As could be expected, Russia denied the claim. Now in order to bring its daughter back from foreign soil, America had to adopt serious measures, which turned out to be the release of notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout.

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Viktor Bout’s release was a necessary price

Viktor Bout
Viktor Bout’s release was ensured by the necessity of releasing Brittney Griner

Viktor Bout, who has been dubbed “the Merchant of Death”, was in an American prison for 25 years before his release was ordered in exchange for Griner’s liberty. The 55-year-old’s release was being demanded by Moscow for quite some time. His release was being negotiated in exchange for another American, Paul Whelan, who has been caught in Russia for the last 4 years.

But in the end, the Biden administration had to settle for bringing only Griner back. That was also a big victory for Joe Biden. Her landing in Texas signals the end of months of hell for her and her wife, Cherelle Griner. She had been long missed by her fans here. Surely everyone was elated to see that she was back.

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Brittney Griner resembles Pete Davidson after getting out of Russia

Brittney Griner
Griner reminded everyone of Pete Davidson

But 10 months is a long time. It changes people. The Phoenix Mercury player suffered the same fate. She emerged after these 10 months as a different individual, quite literally. When the first clip shot of her after her release was revealed, one Twitterati rightly pointed out that she was looking more like Pete Davidson.

Sporting a similar look to the SNL star, she told all the people who were interviewing her that she was alright. One Twitter user observed that she resembled Davidson in the video.

Fun fact, the user wasn’t alone.

Davidson lookalike or not, the nation is rejoicing to have the sports star return back home.

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