Why X-MEN should take place outside the MCU

20 Century Fox has been producing X-MEN films for the last 20 years, although the franchise faced criticism for ‘bland’ plots, people could connect with the mutants, being rejected by the public they seeked help from Professor X himself. Fox seemed extremely comfortable and confident in the franchise with movies such as Deadpool and Logan being R rated, both done well at the box office and with critics. It’s certainly no secret that it’s neighbour the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a lot more successful, Avengers: Endgame is on the verge to become the highest grossing movie at the box office, it’s currently 50 million dollars away to dethrone Avatar. Marvel President Kevin Feige definitely has a smile on his face, when Marvel Comics became ‘broke’ they sold off their biggest characters, including the Fantastic Four, X-MEN and Spider-Man the MCU currently has the rights too all these characters (With Disney/Marvel partnering with Sony for Spider-Man)

If you only watched the X-MEN films you probably made a big mistake, the comics are absolutely incredible, one storyline FOX failed to tell TWICE! Is the Dark Phoenix arc, some might be confused as a new movie called ‘Dark Phoenix’ was just released, there are so many elements on the big screen that they didn’t capture. X-MEN comic fans have become frustrated at FOX for failing twice to tell the most famous X-MEN story ever, Hugh Jackman marked his departure from the franchise in 2017, with his final installment being his R rated movie ‘Logan’ which was rated one of the best Comic book movies of the year, next to Wonder Woman that surprised many of us including myself.

As I mentioned earlier, given the fact that the X-MEN are rejected from society makes us pity for them, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced the famous team using the multiverse story that will be used in Spider-Man Far From Home, a similar storyline was also used in Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse. If the X-MEN are just accepted like the Avengers it takes away the natural feeling that fans connect with, and multiple storyline’s will be scrapped by Marvel if society are okay with Mutants, With Feige under control with the franchise he should simply have them in their own Cinematic Universe, this also won’t have the Marvel Cinematic Universe overcrowded and who knows maybe they can have an epic battle crossover.

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