‘Why’s She Holding His Shirt Like a Leash?’: Will and Jada Smith Spotted for First Time Together Since Oscars Slap Controversy, Jada’s Awkward Pose Becomes Instant Meme Material

In case you were over the Will Smith and Chris Rock controversy, the new photo caught by the paparazzi of Will and Jada Smith is here to refresh your memories. The Oscar-winning actor showed his affection and regards for his wife while slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars which was a burning topic for months. Recently, the actor uploaded an apology video following the incident that took place in April, the actor still has a divided response from the internet. However, after the slapping incident, the couple was not spotted together until a recent photo of the couple surfaced on the internet.

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Will Smith and Jada Smith were caught by the paparazzi on their dine out in Malibu

Will and Jada Smith
The couple were spotted on their recent outing

They were seen in high spirits and Will Smith was seen leading with a smile whereas Jada Smith accompanied him. The couple dined in Malibu and sent a peace sign to paparazzi and the people who saw them walking down the road. The Oscar-winning actor was seen wearing a casual outfit with a pair of white sneakers and added a navy cap. 

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Why was Jada Smith grabbing Will Smith’s shirt?

Will and Jada Smith
Jada Smith grabbing Will Smith’s T-Shirt

What caught everyone’s eyes was Jada Smith grabbing a hold of his shirt. She was seen wearing a black shirt with sleeves up towards her elbows. She also sported a red, white, and gray flannel shirt tied around her waist which was complimented with yellow aviators to protect her eyes from the sun. Jada Smith’s awkward look showed that she was not comfortable around the paparazzi. However, the one’s awkward photo can be a meme for the world and especially when it is Jada Pinkett Smith. 

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Is everything good between the couple? 

Jada and Will Smith
Is everything good between the couple after the Chris Rock controversy?

The recent outing photos hint that the couple is trying to overcome what has happened in the past. However, with an apology video, Will Smith is yet to apologize in person to Chris Rock and one could just wonder what the reactions would be!

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Source: TMZ

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