Wierd Facts About Galactus’ Body We Bet You Never Knew

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Galactus back in 1966 and he went on to become one of the most loved (as well as hated) characters. He has destroyed a lot of life and devoured a lot of planets, but you would be surprised to know the number of readers who love him!

He’s the arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four and has had a number of things written on him but yet not all is known. Here are some weird facts about MCU’s next “big villain”

1. The Armor Worn By Him, Limits His Power


Usually when the superheroes and the supervillains are wearing any sort of armor, we assume it provides them with that extra boost or powers, but that is not the case for Galactus. His armor actually provides safety to the Universe. Galactus is immensely powerful; more than most of us can imagine, and if that power is not contained, it can cause some grave damage.

In order to protect the universe, the “villain” (Galactus) did something pretty heroic and created an armor for the safety of those around.

2. He Has Eaten The Infinity Gems!


Galactus is always hungry and often looks as every other thing as just his meal and he takes nothing into consideration when it comes to his hunger. He once came up with a plan to end his hunger by consuming the Infinity Gems.

However, it was revealed that he was manipulated into doing this by a powerful entity known as Hunger. Hunger is actually the multiverse equivalent of Galactus who feeds on realities instead of planets! Galactus combines the energy of the Infinity Gems and thwarts Hunger’s evil plans. Which led to the Gems getting scattered across the universe!

But the fact he could consume the Infinity Gems is terrifying considering people can’t even hold them without causing damage to themselves.

3. He Was Eaten Alive By Marvel Zombies!

Marvel Comics

What goes around, comes back, eh? Galactus spends all his time devouring other planets and consuming people alive, and he ended up being eaten alive by hungry zombies.

Marvel Zombies, a 2005 limited series saw the Earth and the heroes turning into zombies. Galactus thought he would devour the planet to contain the outbreak, but ended up offering himself as a snack for the zombies like Spider-Man and Hulk.

4. He Was Actually A Man


Galactus has not always been the planet devouring monster and was a mortal man once upon a time called Galen of Taa. His people existed in the universe before the Big Bang took place.

Galen used to be a scientist and a part of the species which existed for a long time to make his technology far much better than anything. When he came to know about the Universe’s destruction, he built a spaceship and set off to try to save his universe.

He had time to merge himself with the Sentience of the Universe that helped him survive, making him the sole survivor of the universe.

5. He Can Even Change His Size As He Pleases!

Marvel Comics

One of the reasons that make Galactus famous is his size; he is really huge! But he is not restricted to that size of his.

If he wants to, he can change his size whenever he wants and he has showcased that many times. In Marvel Comics ROM #23, Galactus attempted to take on the Dire Wraiths. They attacked him with an acid, which dissolved his armor and machinery.

That angered Galactus, and he increased his size! But he can even shrink himself when he wants to! Of course, he doesn’t do that usually, but in Fantastic Four #243, when he was weakened, his body shrank.

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