Wildly Historically Inaccurate Shows That Are Still Fun

Historically inaccurate shows are quite common these days since it’s not easy to make historical shows. Fans have noticed many facts in these historically inaccurate shows. There are certain shows that can be actually forgiven for their inaccurate facts. While the facts in these historically inaccurate shows are ignored by the directors, they sometimes actually save these shows from becoming too historical.

It is very hard for TV shows to maintain their historical accuracy because, unlike movies, they have to show some consistency for each episode. While there are historically accurate shows, there are even some historically inaccurate shows that exist (and possibly are your favorite!). These shows are fun to watch even if they are inaccurate and they are a great addition to the TV! Here are some of the historically inaccurate shows :

1. Vikings

Historically Inaccurate Shows

When the show hit the History Channel, it took liberty when it came to historical facts.  Viking is one of those historically inaccurate shows that gets away with it. It went to imply that St. Cuthbert passed away amidst the Sack of Lindisfarne and Lindisfarne was the very first Viking attack on England. Now both of these are not true.

Then even the facts like Athelstan’s crucifixion by Christians (now this practice came to an end during the 4th century), Vikings wear tight and grey leather-tunics (contradictory to the colorful clothes as depicted in history) and they refer to themselves as Vikings, are all beyond the truth.

2. Peaky Blinders

Historically Inaccurate Shows
Peaky Blinders

There’s no doubt that Peaky Blinders is one of the greatest shows on TV. But still, it finds itself on the list of historically inaccurate shows. One of the inaccuracies was that Winston Churchill has never interacted with the Birmingham street gang and neither was the Home Secretary in 1919 (the year the first meeting took place).

Then of course there are inaccurate facts such as Jessie Eden being an activist who held the power of office in a trade union in 1926, Cadbury existing during the turn of the 20th century, and the fact that the gang was being involved in the acquisition of guns for the IRA.

3. Freud

Historically Inaccurate Shows

We all have heard or studied about Sigmund Freud at a certain point in our lives. So when Netflix launched the series, there was quite an excitement among the people. The show is set in the early years of the neurologist but it concentrated on fictional events rather than real ones.

The fact that Freud uses his psychoanalytic abilities to solve crimes and even dive into spiritualism is a bit far too stretched.

4. Bridgerton

Historically Inaccurate Shows

This Netflix show has attracted a lot of audiences all over the world. The show does stay true to history when it comes to depicting the lineage of Queen Charlotte and her marriage to King George III and the mental health issues King George had to suffer from. Which led to him forcing his son to act as the regent of England.

However, Chris Van Dusen (creator of the show) in an interview said that Bridgeton is a marriage between “history and fantasy”. Sorry to disappoint you but there were no real Bridgertons back in The Regency Era and the fact that they used tight corsets was one of the historical inaccuracies and even an inclusion for modern fashion.

5.  The Alienist

Historically Inaccurate Shows
The Alienist

This show has a stellar cast with Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Daniel Bruhl leading the show.  The crime-thriller series is set in 1896 and shows the fictional story of the events that took place during the Gilded Age.

Now the show had characters like Theodore Roosevelt and even JP Morgan. But the show doesn’t attribute to New York in 1896. They showed Jack the Ripper-style murders happening years after they had taken place. And these murders consisted of male prostitutes compared to Ripper’s female victims. But don’t let these inaccuracies stop you from enjoying this show!

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