Will Alec Baldwin Go To Jail? Infamous On-Set “Rust” Shooting Incident Finally He Gets Promising Update, Case Nearing an End

Ten months ago a deadly and tragic accident happened on the set of Joel Souza’s movie Rust. The accident took place in October last year, resulting in the death of the movie cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and leaving one injured on the set. The reason behind this accident was the discharge of a weapon the actor was holding. 

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

The movie shut down its production after the death of Halyna Hutchins. The investigation regarding the shooting started immediately. After 10 months of investigation, authorities are still trying to find answers to how something like this could have happened. 

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Investigation in the Rust Shooting Incident

The case is investigated by the Santa Fe County Sherriff’s Office and New Mexico’s first Judicial District Attorney. Alec Baldwin, Hannah Gutierezz-Reed, and the assistant director, Paul Halls are under investigation for the incident that happened on the set of Rust.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has said that the investigation is getting further to wrap up the Rust shooting case. Sheriff detectives have said that they have received the FBI forensic report, which they will send to the OMI for review. They also said that they still are waiting to get the call records of the actor. the detectives will review the records and send the report to the District Attorney. After which the DA will determine if any charges against Baldwin will be filed. 

Authorities believe that there are several possibilities that may have happened on the set to allow such an incident to take place. According to the report of OSHA, the security relies on the set and demonstrated plain indifference to employee safety. 

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

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OSHA Investigation Exonerates Alec Baldwin

The actor’s attorney has claimed that the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) investigation has exonerated him. The report concludes the safety measures of the set were not followed when the incident took place. Baldwin was given all clear by the assistant director to discharge the prop gun, which ended up taking Hutchins’s life 

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Baldwin, the film crew, and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. The chief lighting director, Serge Svetnoy has filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez for being careless with the fatal weapons on the film set.

The attorneys for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed have also filed a lawsuit against the PDQ Arm and Prop company claiming that the company supplied real ammunition along with dummies. The armorer claims that she checked the bullets 15 minutes before the incident happened and was not present in the church at the time the shot was fired.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed also said that Baldwin did not come in for the cross draw training on October 15 and only, while Baldwin claims that he spent around an hour and a half going through the safety measures with Hannah Gutierezz-Reed.

But according to a weapon expert who reviewed the complaints said producers and Hannah Gutierezz both are responsible for what happened on the movie set, considering how the weapon was handled.

Alec Baldwin with Hilaria Baldwin

What Happened on the set of Rust?

On October 21, 2021, a live round discharged from the gun Alec Baldwin was holding as a prop for the movie. The bullet injured Hutchins and Joel Souza. Hutchins died due to the shot and Souza was left injured. 

In an interview with Good Morning America, Alec Baldwin talked about what really happened at the Rust movie set. He said while doing the marking rehearsal, Hutchins instructed him to line up the shot and started filming the scene. He said, ” I pulled the hammers as far back as I could, without cocking the gun. I let go of the hammer, and bang the gun goes off.”

He also said that the gun was supposed to be empty and was told that he was handed an empty gun. After the shot was fired and Hutchins fell on, he did not even consider that she was shot.  He says that he thought that Hutchins was hit off with the dummy bullet and had fainted. However, soon he was informed that the gun was loaded up with live ammunition and the cinematographer has passed away due to her injuries.

With the new details in the case coming out, the sheriff’s department hopes to conclude the case sooner.

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