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Is Batman Cheating on Catwoman? For Wonder Woman?

the love triangle


Will Batman cheat on CatwomanHey folks, this is the animated times and I’m V.vance with another HoT Topic of the week.
And what is the hot topic you ask? Why, it’s a Bat Clash!

Two beautiful and young ladies after the heart of the same man, and not just any man, Bruce Wayne! The boy billionaire, Night Vigilante and all around Ladies man.

Before we dive into why and who are involved in the Clash Triangle let’s review some history.

DC universe Rebirth launched in 2016 with numerous comic book titles, including Batman! (Duh)
Tom King, former CIA, known for his work on The Vision 2016, Grayson 2015, and a few others, was the lucky writer to get chosen by DC to write the famous and all important title, Batman.
Since he started, Tom King has delivered a number of incredible issues of the Batman, intense, mysterious and very decent written stories that have caught the interest of many readers.
A few Issues back, Batman proposed to the love of his life, the most famous of his romances, the breathtaking, and beautiful criminal we all know all Catwoman! (Don’t worry it was hard for us to believe that too, not the Catwoman part but the proposal…… I’ll give you a few moments to leg that sink in)

…. Okay times up! Moving on.
So, like I said, Batman proposed to Catwoman and guess what folks?the cat Said Yes! ( I mean, was there ever any doubt)
That was a bold move made by Tom King, in 75+ years in Batman’s comic history, no Canon story has ever had this big event. Big shock to us all. Not all of us took that well, in fact, not even Damian Wayne/ Robin or the rest of the Bat-family members took that well.
Bonus fact: Talia Al Ghul approves! ?

Now, after a few events have passed, and the bond between The Cat and the Bat has been pretty solid, The Batman get a surprise visit by Wonder Woman. Why? Diana comes to Bruce to inform him that their mutual Ally “the gentleman” (weird name, yeah I know) asks their help.
Here’s the deal, the Gentleman is a warrior, who fights against evil creatures in another realm. But time moves faster there than on earth, a few hours of our time, are about 10 years of their time. So in a way, The Gentleman has been fighting in that dimension for thousands of years, but only one Earth year, and now he wants a break, to visit his wife on earth and take a little time off, so he asks Batman and Wonder Woman to take his place because they owe him a debt from a long time ago. They both agree of course and switch places.
While our two heroes are fighting bad guys in the bad place, Catwoman aka Selina takes it upon herself to show the Gentleman a good Time on earth, she takes him to a couple of places and food courts to help him enjoy the little time he has on earth….but the few hours on Earth are 10 years on that dimension, and so Diana and Bruce have been fighting for 10 years, with no human contact, no other earthly being or no company but each other.
In the issue that is #39, we see Diana very attracted to Bruce Wayne (to be noted that she does know about Bruce’s engagement)
In the end of the Issues, we see our heroes, in a cave, exhausted, alongside a fire, and resting off. They discuss how long they have been here, and how they are lonely. Since the only Gentleman can open the dimensional portal, they are trapped, in a way, with no one but each other.
Hot Topic Alert: In an instinct, both Diana and Bruce, as an act of need, loneliness, and desire, lean towards each other to kiss. ? and the issue ends with that one panel
Yes, folks, that’s the hot topic, that the engaged Vigilante Batman is about to kiss his teammate, while trapped on an alien planet for 10 years.

What’s there to look forward to?
Will the two kiss or realize that they’re making a mistake and pull back?
If they do how will that affect the BatCat engagement?
Will they make out and keep it wrapped or will it destroy the engagement everyone so dearly loves?
After this event, will the two teammates and their friendship remain the intact?

We’ll get the answers to the answer very soon with the #40 issue.
Stay tuned for what comes next. Comment below on what are your thoughts. Are we you surprised as us?
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