Will Doctor Strange 2 Really Introduce Deadpool To The MCU?

We were introduced to the “mystic arts” when Doctor Strange hit the theatres way back in 2016. Doctor Strange 2 was supposed to hit the theatres on 5th November 2021 but got postponed to May 2022. This huge gap makes Doctor Strange 2 the longest sequel an MCU film has ever got! ( it took almost 6 years!)

Of course, Doctor Strange made appearances in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame and even helped (Did he really?) out Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home before Strange got his own sequel. Now fans are aware of the fact that whatever MCU does, it’s for a reason. They will sow seeds in every film and make something huge out of it. And our expectations are no less for the upcoming Doctor Strange 2!

Doctor Strange 2
A still from the movie

The Multiverse of Madness is supposed to open mad doors and we saw Stephen warn Peter about the complexities that surround the multiverse.  Wanda is set to help Doctor Strange (so we assume) and that means a lot of magic is coming! We are even going to meet Ms.Marvel before her Disney+ series.

With the latest trailer, fans have theories about the “Illuminati” meeting Strange and many are sure that Professor X is finally making his MCU debut!! But, is it possible that we could meet our supercool hero Deadpool too?

Deadpool in MCU already?!

Doctor 2
Deadpool in Multiverse of Madness?

Okay, it’s a bit surprising but a super fan and Redditor  BigButter7 has a theory about this. In their post, they shared a “4chan post” with detailed descriptions of two different post-credit scenes for the upcoming Doctor Strange 2. One of the scenes introduces Clea who appears in the comics with Sorcerer Supreme. Charlize Theron is shown portraying Clea.

The other scene is very interesting and it is the official introduction of Deadpool, Vanessa, Cable, and Domino into MCU!!!!

As per a few “leaks”, the four of them will be casually walking around the hall of Illuminati (the one we saw in the trailer) and they will be cracking some hilarious jokes with references to The Office and even Charles Xavier’s history !!

Doctor Strange 2
Multiverse of Madness poster

As exciting as this news is, it’s still a rumor at the end of the day! But hey, if you look closely at the Multiverse of Madness poster, a  shard of glass does tease Deadpool’s appearance. And we can never be too sure about the post-credit scenes! And we all want some Deadpool humor in MCU but it would have to be PG-13.

What does Ryan Reynolds think about Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2?

Doctor Strange 2
Ryan Reynolds

We know how secretive MCU is and this won’t be the first time an actor choosing not to comment anything over it! Reynolds recently while speaking to Variety said, ” I am not supposed to say anything but I am really not in the movie.” He went on to add, ” I am promising I am not in the movie” and said, “Deadpool 3 was coming along.”

Excuse us for not believing this because remember even Andrew Garfield “promised” and begged us to believe that he was NOT in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Ryan Reynolds has taken a “break” from acting in November 2021 so that he can spend time with his family.

But fans feel that Deadpool could definitely make an appearance in Doctor Strange 2!!! In January 2021, Kevin Feige did say that Deadpool will soon be introduced to the MCU. Considering with all the “Multiverse of Madness” happening, there couldn’t be a better way to introduce him!

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