With the release of Joker's trailer Batman Fans Are Already Comparing Joaquin Phoenix's Joker to Heath Ledger's

When the hangover director Todd Phillips was announced to direct a standalone Joker movie people had mixed and confused reactions, unfortunately Phillips does not have a good reputation for good movies but don’t let that get you down as Joker looks terrific! But one question remains what age rating will the clown Prince of crime have?

The movie is set outside the current DC Extended Universe, with Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition doing well with an R Rating its safe to say Warner Brothers may keep the movie R for viewer reasons, R rated movies such as Deadpool a much less known character had their spotlight at the Box Office earning enough for Ryan Reynolds signing on for a Deadpool Trilogy and now his at the Mouse House.

But then there’s movies like Venom which was wrote and filmed to be R rated, unfortunately Sony wasn’t as confident as Fox and done last minute editing for it to become a PG13 movie, although fans weren’t too happy about this the movie grossed over 800 million dollars USD with Tom Hardy also singing on for a sequel, Joker is predicted to be the lowest budget DC movie in a long time, with reports estimating a 50 million dollar budget! With that said rated R or not Warner Bros would make that back in one weekend and a Joker rated R movie won’t only be perfect for an adult October audience but it will be an incredibly awesome movie, and could possibly be up for an Oscar.

Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix has always said he will never star in a comic book film, so Joker must be impressive to him if he changed his mind, some might argue if Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice was a PG13 movie and a R rated Dvd cut would Warner Bros do the same thing again?

That does seem like a Good idea, a PG13 cut would score better at the box office, and an R rated cut for DvD would bring in non-comic book fans.

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