‘Will Never Own a Mansion, Yacht, Lamborghini’: Mr. Beast Promises To Stay Humble After Hitting Record Setting 100 Million YouTube Subscribers, Breaking the Internet

Mr. Beast, known for his philanthropic YouTube stunt videos is one of the highest-paid YouTubers on the planet. Jimmy Donaldson, the owner and face of the channel has now become a member of the 100M YouTube Subscribers club. Mr. Beast is the fifth channel on YouTube to get the benchmark after T-Series, Cocomelon, SET India, and PewDiePie.  

Mr. Beast expresses his gratitude for reaching 100M Subscribers milestone

Mr. Beast
Screenshot of the live count of Mr. Beast’s subscribers

Jimmy Donaldson AKA Mr. Beast started posting YouTube videos in 2012. The channel took off in 2018 when he started videos where he was giving a large chunk of money to random strangers and was later labeled as a philanthropist. As he reched the 100M YouTube Subscribers benchmark, the YouTube claimed “philanthropist” posted a tweet on his Twitter feed saying, “All I want is to make the best videos possible and help as many people as I can while doing it” and ended with a red heart emoji. 

The Youtuber expressed his happiness by saying that he will “never own a mansion, yacht, Lamborghini etc.” and would also help the people. 

Journey of the youngest YouTube philanthropist

Mr. Beast
Screenshot of 456,000 “Squid Game In Real Life” video

The first viral video on his channel came in 2017 when he uploaded the video titled, “I Counted to 100,000!“. This video was his first big “challenge” video, and creating it certainly tested his stamina. Amongst the huge list of videos, the recreation of the Squid Game titled, “456,000 Squid Game In Real Life” made a lot of news. He recreated every set from the Netflix hit show and gave 456 people a chance to win $456,000. The video uploaded in November 2021 has over 276,096,397 views to date. 

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From Mr. Beast6000 to the 100M Youtube Subscribers club

Jimmy Donaldson
Jimmy Donaldson

The 24-year-old YouTuber star was born on May 7, 1998, and started posting videos when he was barely a teenager. He started posting videos under the handle “Mr. Beast6000” later becoming a quintessential influencer in the world. To date, Mr. Beast is “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist,” and he has become the single most subscribed-to creator after PewDiePie on YouTube

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How much Mr. Beast earns?

Mr. Beast
Mr. Beast

According to SocialBlade, a YouTube analytics service, Mr. Beast makes a minimum of $3 million per month from YouTube ads alone excluding the brand deals. In 2021, Jimmy Donaldson earned $54 million, the most any YouTube creator ever did as his videos gathered 10 billion views, doubling from the previous year.

Even with all the philanthropic activities, with Youtuber touching the 100M Youtube Subscribers mark, Mr. Beast promised to stay humble with his recent post. 

Source: Twitter/ YouTube

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