Will No Way Home’s Ned Leeds Appear As The Villainous Hobgoblin?

Spider-Man: No Way Home was game-changing last year, bringing back some old memories while creating newer ones.

Star Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned, recently teased fans on social media with a nod to his character’s probable transformation into the Hobgoblin, as seen in the Marvel comics.

Ned Leeds Became A Hobgoblin In Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Ned Leeds as Hobgoblin
Ned Leeds as Hobgoblin in Marvel Comics

Batalon even shared an image of himself inside a store, while he holds a Hobgoblin action figure based on the character’s appearance in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Jacob Batalon is seen shrugging, even giving an acknowledgment of Ned’s future in the MCU, if the MCU movies take some close inspiration from Leeds’ storyline in Marvel Comics.

Even No Way Home Shared A You-Blink-You-Miss Nod

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Far From Home

No Way Home also had a very brief nod to Ned’s comic history during a humourous moment where Ned promises to never attack Peter Parker, after he gets to hear Tobey Maguire’s story at the climax of the film. Leeds’ story has so far deviated a lot from his comics counterpart, with No Way Home even going far enough to show him possessing some talent of magic, acknowledged even by Doctor Stephen Strange.

Here’s the Instagram story:

Ned as Hobgoblin
Ned as Hobgoblin

When Did Ned Leeds Debut In Marvel Comics?

Jacob Batalon
Jacob Batalon

Leeds debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #18 in Marvel and was written by Stan Lee with art by veteran Marvel artist Steve Ditko while the lettering was done by Sam Rosen in 1964.

In the pages of comics, he worked as a reporter at the Daily Bugle and was usually depicted as a romantic interest for Betty Brant, the Bugle secretary, and also, one of Peter’s exes. Leeds was later revealed to be the Hobgoblin, though Spider-Man, alongside Brant, eventually confirmed that Ned Leeds had been manipulated and brainwashed into wearing the costume by a true Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale.

No Way Home by Marvel Studios was a massive success, both financially and critically. Upon the film’s release, the movie went on to quickly break various records in the post-pandemic era, even earning $1.9 billion worldwide.

No Way Home, which came together with three separate movie versions of Spider-Man together, for the rejoice of fans, including that of Andrew Garfield, Sam Raimi’s Toby Maguire, and MCU’s Tom Holland This turned out to be so successful that the Marvel Cinematic Universe film is currently slated for a re-release into theaters sometime later this year with some extra content attached.

Will Holland’s Spider-Man return?

When it’s about Spider-Man’s future in the MCU, Sony producer Amy Pascal assured fans saying, “This is not the last movie that we are going to make with Marvel – [this is not] the last Spider-Man movie. We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel, it just isn’t part of… we’re thinking of this as three films, and now we’re going to go onto the next three.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version will hit theaters on September 2nd in North America. Many more countries will also make their announcement soon.


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