Will the Arrowverse Have a Green Arrow After Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Soon prior to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) passed away in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” he informed his daughter Mia (Katherine McNamara) that “there ought to always be at least one Green Arrow.” Stating this, he passed her an outfit that would permit her to end up being the Green Arrow of 2040, when and if she needed to be. Of course, stating that there should “constantly” be a Green Arrow, and after that right away handing the job off to somebody who can’t start for 20 years, is a relocation that raises another question: will there be a Green Arrow patroling the streets of Star City in the months and years to come, or will Oliver Queen’s name stay synonymous with the hooded archer until the events of last night’s “Green Arrow and the Canaries” episode?

The new Green Arrow after Oliver Queen

Image of Arrowverse characters
The new Green Arrow after Oliver Queen

Of course, Oliver has already groomed a generation of possible replacements. We’ll run down a couple of possibilities here …!

Can John Diggle, the bodyguard be the new Green Arrow?

Image of John Diggle
John Diggle to be the new Green Arrow

John Diggle was quickly the Green Arrow, after the occasions of the “Invasion!” crossover exposed that his admiration for Oliver and his mission had actually changed the function into something of a personal goal for him. After Oliver was outed as the vigilante, threatened with impeachment (he was mayor of Star City at the time) and dealing with prospective criminal charges, it was difficult for him to suit back up. Diggle took on the function for a time, both fulfilling his own aspirations, and assisting to keep the city safe when Oliver couldn’t.

Is it Emiko Queen, the once a villain?

Image of Emiko Queen with Green Arrow
Emiko Queen with half brother Qliver Queen

Another person who had currently suited up as the Green Arrow? Emiko Adachi-Queen (Sea Shimooka), who functioned as a villain in the program’s seventh season, just to be “brought around” just in time to pass away. While she had invested the majority of her time on the program targeting Oliver in retribution for the neglect and betrayal of their daddy, and the death of her mom as a result, she eventually realized that Oliver was not his daddy, which she could have had a relatively normal life with her staying household if she had taken a various course. One would believe that being dead would preclude her from being the Green Arrow, however marketing pictures released in advance of the finale show her standing with Oliver’s mother, sis, and kid at his graveside, recommending that Oliver “pushed” the post-” Crisis on Infinite Earths” universe to repair a few of the mistakes that he and others around him made during his years as the Green Arrow.

Roy Harper once again as Red Arrow

Image of Roy Harper
Roy Harper as Red Arrow

In addition to those 2 former Green Arrows, it is possible that we could see Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) leave the Arsenal name behind and end up being the Red Arrow, a path he considered a while in the comics. We have actually seen him dressed once again in the images for the ending, and standing together with Thea Queen (Willa Holland). It would be sort of fantastic if after all this time, we got a Green Arrow/Speedy team-up defending Star City once again.

Arrow will air its final episode, “Fadeout,” on Tuesday night at 9 p.m., after an hour-long retrospective special that will take fans all the way back to the start. There is no official word yet on whether Green Arrow and the Canaries will be gotten to series.


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