Will the Super Short Thor 4 Runtime Affect its Quality?

Seems like Marvel is on a new tangent of releasing movies of less runtime. The highly anticipated, Thor: Love and Thunder might turn out to be the shortest film in the entire MCU after the first Dr Strange. Days are not far when Marvel will release short films in the MCU! 

Thor: Love and Thunder run time

Reportedly, the Australian Cinema Chain has let Thor: Love and Thunder runtime slip. The movie is set to release on 8th July but fans are disheartened after getting the news of the short runtime of the movie. Recently, Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness suffered because of its short runtime and had to cut a few scenes. Thor, trying to cram GOTG, Jane Foster, Gorr The God Butcher, as well as Valkyrie in a 155 min film is quite difficult to digest. 


What is Thor up to?

Star Lord in Thor 4 Teaser
Thor will be accompanied with Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie for a little time.

The upcoming Thor Odinson movie will pick up sometime after the events of Avengers: Endgame. In the trailer, Thor is seen with the Guardians of the Galaxy on various adventures through the cosmos. Fans are expecting a lot from the Avenger member, Thor as he is the only one from the Big 3 who is active in the MCU.

What will Thor do in 115-minute movie?

Thor: Love and Thunder is going to release on 08th July 2022
Thor: Love and Thunder is going to release on 08th July 2022

Thor 4 Director, Taikia Waititi said in an interview that he envisioned the movie as a tumultuous time for the titular hero, and It’s sort of like a midlife crisis film for Thor Odinson. The short runtime will not be able to show Thor’s disillusioned and wanting instead to find inner peace in the movie. In the trailer, Thor steps away from the superhero role, and we will get him in action when Gorr the God Butcher begins slaying various gods.

No official update about the confirmation!

Thor’s blue and gold armor in Thor Love and Thunder trailer
Thor’s blue and gold armor in Thor Love and Thunder trailer

There is no official confirmation from Disney or Marvel, but if it’s correct, Thor: Love and Thunder will match the run time of The Incredible Hulk and Thor: The Dark World, both of which clock in at 112 minutes. The legitimacy of the runtime of the upcoming Thor film is still in question as the movie might undergo editing. 

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