Will Warner Brothers Still Fire Amber Heard From Aquaman Even If She Wins Johnny Depp Trial

Depp v Heard has drowned out many other news stories since the trial for the defamation suit began last month. Fans are heavily invested in the case and its ultimate outcome. After all, the stakes are high. Movie roles, brand endorsements, career opportunities, reputation, and much more are on the line for the ex-couple. Johnny Depp has reportedly already lost movie roles and other opportunities after accusations by Heard first saw the light of the day.  Amber Heard, on the other hand, is at the receiving end of a fan petition asking WB to fire her from Aquaman 2. The petition got a huge response. However, WB hasn’t cut Amber Heard from the film, despite all the fan pressure. Would this change? We explore this question in this article.

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Why Amber Heard May Keep Her Role Regardless Of What Happens In The Case

Would Amber Heard kepp her role in Aquaman 2
Amber Heard in Aquaman

Amber Heard may keep her role in Aquaman 2 regardless of the outcome of the ongoing case. There are a few reasons for this. First, she got a huge amount of publicity from this case, her name ID has skyrocketed. Her popularity might rub off on the film and that would mean $$$. Second, one of the producers said on record that they would not submit to fan pressure in this case. Next, she was there in Aquaman and did well, there is no compelling reason to change her.

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Alternately, Warner Brothers May Fire Heard Even If She Wins

Would Amber Heard kepp her role in Aquaman 2
Amber Heard

On the other hand, WB may submit to fan pressure and fire her from Aquaman 2. Negative publicity would make nixing her from the film more desirable. This would not be unprecedented. WB asked Johnny Depp to resign from the Fantastic Beasts movie. They could do the same with Heard.

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Depp v. Heard: A Brief Explanation

Would Amber Heard kepp her role in Aquaman 2
Depp and Heard in the trial

Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit claiming 50 million dollars against Heard for an op-ed that she wrote for the Washington Post. This piece was about abusive relationships in 2018 and was titled: “Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change“ Though the article did not name Depp directly, the actor claimed that it hurt his career. The trial for the said lawsuit started in April 2022. What do you think of the whole matter? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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