William Hurt: Other Movies The Late MCU Star Was In

William Hurt was a four-time Oscar nominee and even a winner. He died at 71 and has certainly left a legacy behind. He was one of the most sensual and profound actors who literally ruled Hollywood. William Hurt was never shy to take up roles that others would reject since they were controversial or vulnerable.

So it’s safe to say that William Hurt was always appreciated during his time. He has many awards which could make anyone jealous. He of course also starred in a Marvel film. His death came as a piece of shocking news to the fans but we should remember him for his wonderful contribution to Hollywood. Here are some of the amazing movies of William Hurt:

1. Broadcast News – 1987

William Hurt Must Watch Movies
A still from Broadcast News

Many fans have appreciated William Hurt’s work in the movie Broadcast News. His role in the movie can be considered as the trickiest assignment he had back in the early days. The film is intended to be a comedy film but has a lot of drama that showcases how local news eventually is under the shadows of national conglomerates.

The movie revolves around Jane Craig, who is a television producer. He has to choose between a gifted reporter and a young guy who is extremely handsome but not great at work. The movie did very great at the box office and was nominated for six Golden Globes and Academy Awards.

2. The Accidental Tourist – 1988

Must Watch William Hurt Movies
A still from The Accidental Tourist

This movie was based on the novel released in 1985 by the same name by Anne Tyler. William Hurt played the lead in the film. His character Macon Leary is a travel writer whose son dies. This causes his marriage to fall apart.

The story is about how all these circumstances make him run away from home and all his relationships and he is trying to understand his life. He meets Muriel who helps Macon deal with his loss. The film got 4 nominations at Oscar and Geena Davis who played Muriel got to take one home.

3. Body Heat – 1981

Must Watch William Hurt movies
William Hurt in Body Heat

The 1980s was the decade for many thriller-romance and drama genre films. While not all movies did great at the box office or with the audiences, some of the movies definitely stayed with them. Body Heat was one of those movies which were made due to the pressure of this trend.

The movie follows a lawyer Ned Racine (played by William Hurt) who starts an affair with Matty Walker aka wife of a wealthy businessman. Ned decides to take the help of his criminal clients and bomb maker to kill Matty’s husband and abscond with his wealth with Matty. But he ends up in a situation he never thought of!

4. The Big Chill – 1983

Must Watch William Hurt Movies
The cast of Big Chill

The majority of the cast of this movie is comedy and drama actors from the 1980s. William Hurt stars in the movie along with other big names as Jeff Goldblum, Tom Berenger, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Meg Tilly, JoBeth Williams, and Glenn Close.

The plot goes as such, Alex dies and after his funeral, his former college friends gather for a reunion. There they remember some of their best times and the film even touches the topics of substance abuse, breakdowns, failed relationships.

5. Children Of a Lesser God – 1986

Must Watch William Hurt movies
A still from Children Of A Lesser God

Upon starting a new job as an instructor at New England school for the deaf James meets Sarah who works at the school. Their romance develops and Sarah is forced to withdraw it due to her relationship with her mother. Sarah who was shown deaf in the film was actually played by a deaf actress who ended up winning the Best Actress award for the film.

The movie was nominated for 5 Oscars and was a box office hit. William Hurt has given one of the best performances and is a movie you shouldn’t miss.

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