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William Sadler To Return as Death In ‘Bill and Ted 3’

Finally, we have much-needed news on our hands. William Sadler is confined to return in Bill and Ted 3 aka Bill and Ted Face the Music!

William Sadler to return as Death in Bill and Ted 3

William Sadler to return as Death in Ted and Billy 3

Sadler is going to be one of the final returning cast members that was yet to be confirmed for the much-anticipated threequel. So, this seems like a happy announcement for fans.

Check out the official confirmation of William Sadler in Bill and Ted Face the Music, as tweeted from the film’s official account:

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Who is William Sadler?

William Sadler in Die Hard 2

If you weren’t born in the 90s, you wouldn’t know how William Sadler had major role-playing the ruthless Col. Stuart in Die Hard 2. From naked posing, while doing karate, to throwing Bruce Willis on the wing of an aeroplane, William Sadler was an excellent successor to Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber. He is also one of the best villains seen in the Die Hard franchise. It was surprising to see Sadler follow up his breakout role in Die Hard 2 with yet another brilliant role in the sequel film Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

William Sadler played Death in Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey, who Bill and Ted had to face after their evil robotic replacements went rogue and tried to kill them. Death makes both of them play a game for their souls, and after a lot of attempting of avoiding the game, which had high stakes, the duo chose funny board games like Battleship and Clue as their test, which saw them whopping Death’s butt. Death gets charmed by Ted and Bill and joins them on their journey to restore their lives and live a heroic future. When we last saw, Death was an official member of the Wyld Stallyns Band, as their music became popular globally.

Source: Comicbook, Twitter

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