“Willy was the heir. I was the spare”: Prince Harry Claims He Was Raised as a Walking Body Bag of Organs in Case Something Happened To Prince William

Prince Harry’s candid mémoire Spare is on sale for his readers to grab and get a perspective of his personal journey as a Royal member. With shared snippets from interviews about the aptly titled book, we’ve all been desperately waiting for the ultimate book launch to dig into his story. The highly anticipated book from Prince Harry sored to the ‘best selling’ list through pre-orders alone. It turned the 38-year-old Duke, into a best-selling author. 

Prince Harry’s mémoire reveal Royal secrets

Prince Harry’s mémoire is somewhere between a confession and a love letter. The surrealism and honest acknowledgment are what make the Spare more intimate and engaging for the readers. The book unravels small details and sheer weirdness from Prince Harry’s life, making the readers realize how little we actually knew about his life. 

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Prince Harry’s mémoire unravels uncomfortable conversations

The mémoire shares a glimpse of Prince Harry’s life as a royal stoner, with a recollection of his memories of losing his virginity behind a pub; something that readers never expected to know about the Duke. The often isolated prince shares his pre-Meghan story of having a life full of luxury and yet being depressed and suffering from appalling panic attacks. 

Prince Harry’s royal abomination

The motherless child in Harry describes how he was often lonely at home getting high on psychedelic drugs and planning shopping raids like a military person. The Duke’s way of ghost-writing about his unresolved grief, paralyzing anxiety, self-destructiveness, and returning obsessively to the scene of his mother’s accident struck an emotional chord in the readers’ hearts. 

Apart from his mental health issues, the Duke didn’t hesitate on sharing little details that led to his depression; even if it meant throwing his family under the bus. Prince Harry shares in his mémoire “Two years older than me, Willy was the Heir, whereas I was the Spare,” not only letting his readers understand the meaning of his book title but also giving an honest glimpse of his royal abomination. 

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The Duke’s Royal role as a diversion and distraction for his elder brother

Prince Harry vividly explained his role as a ‘spare’ to the ‘heir’ stating how he was asked to be “if necessary, a spare part” to his brother, Prince William. “Kidney perhaps. Blood transfusion. Speck of bone marrow,” he added in his mémoire Spare. The Duke of Sussex stated that his depression and anxiety started kicking in especially when he was made “abundantly clear” from a young age that he was born as a spare to his brother, in case anything happened to the firstborn. 

The Royal Family maintains silence regarding Prince Harry’s mémoire

The Duke stated how his father King Charles III never traveled on the same plane as Prince William “because there must be no chance of the first and second in line to the throne being wiped out. But no one gave a damn whom I traveled with; the spare could always be spared.” The Duke’s emotional journey of recalling an anecdote from a story he heard about his birth where King Charles III allegedly said to his then-wife Princess DianaWonderful! You have already given me an heir and a spare; I have done my job.” Prince Harry didn’t fail to mention the time when his brother Prince William physically attacked him during a 2019 argument. 

Despite Prince Harry sharing painful details from his early life, the British Royal Family seems to be maintaining a proper silence regarding the book. 

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Source: The Guardian

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