Did You Know About Wolverine and Elektra’s Daughter?

Across the Marvel multiverse, there are many versions of many iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine, each having their own unique life and story. In contrast, that world’s most well-known hero is Peter Parker and Mary Jane Parker’s daughter Spider-Girl. She was sole of many heroic children to follow in their parents’ footsteps. Now, we’re taking a closer view at one of MC2’s most underestimate heroes. Wild Thing, the superhero daughter of Wolverine and Elektra.


Wild Thing is a native of Earth-982, also called as the MC2 cosmo.

The MC2 world is an actuality. It is where the Marvel Heroes have got the chance to ultimately grow up and lead completely, forming lives after misplacing so many members for one reason or another.

The X-Men and Avengers have been productively dispersing. Due to a mutant-mayhem has died down since the Earth-saving sacrifice the X-Men made, Jubilee leads the X-People in a future that doesn’t straight off hate and fears them.


Even after her name and her ferocious parents, Rina Logan had a somewhat stable life. Wolverine and Elektra are an astonishingly stable couple, and Rina grew up to be a slightly down-to-earth young woman. She was at peace with the more uncontrolled side that she inherited from Wolverine.

She even earned Hulk’s respect for being capable of holding her own against him during a short scuffle. Her habit of being a little too eager to get into a square-off would land her in trouble. But her talents always save her an escape from any real peril.

Who is Saberclaw?

After her short-lived solo series comes to an end, untamed Thing took the time to be with her fellow heroes. While Wild Claw hasn’t acquired many specific enemies, she has one very particular relationship that stands out: the insubstantial one between her and Saberclaw.

Saberclaw is her fierce half-brother Hudson, the son of Wolverine and a mysterious woman. Alongside the rest of the MC2 heroes, Wild Thing and Sabreclaw even came together to save Spider-Girl when the Hobgoblin seized her.


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