Wolverine And Venom’s Powers Combine In Marvel’s New Superhero ‘Alloy’

Marvel’s new superhero has finally come to terms with her powers and they are one of the best power sets in the Marvel Universe ever.


Marvel has heralded the birth of a new superhero in their West Coast Avengers and she could potentially be the strongest avenger yet.

Ramone Watts, ‘Alloy’ Enters Marvel Comics

This story is of Ramone Watts or ‘Alloy’ who has bonded with a vibranium ring that she can control similar to how Venom controls his alien symbiote.

Ramone Watts as 'Alloy' from West Coast Avengers comic (by Marvel Comics)
Ramone Watts as ‘Alloy’ from West Coast Avengers comic (by Marvel Comics)

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Her story began when her brother Johnny Watts (a.k.a Fuse) and her girlfriend America Chavez get captured and put into danger. Ramone left feeling powerless has no other option but to surrender to her seemingly genetic, mutant powers. Her parentage is worth mentioning as well since her mother was a former member of the Black Panther’s Dora Milaje guard. She was the one who left the siblings with some vibranium jewelry when she passed away. Her brother, Johnny tapped his mutant ability to fuse his body into any material he touches years ago. It is now Ramone who has just found out about hers and it could be one of the most amazing power sets of the Marvel Universe.

Ramone Watts as Alloy
Ramone Watts as Alloy In Marvel Comics

Her mother’s Vibranium ring was less than gentle when bonding with Ramone. She explained to Gwenpool that when she first touched it, she felt- “…real power coursing through me, but it was excruciating and I wasn’t in control.” But the time had come for her to wear the ring again.

When she puts it on this time, she herself is more powerful, more experienced and more in control. Ramone risks it all to save her brother and her lover but in doing so she might have altered herself forever.

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The Vibranium, when reverse engineered gives out adamantium (the same substance which coats Wolverine’s claws and bones) and encases Ramone’s entire body. That metal becomes her superhero suit. But that’s not all the cool that she’s got.

Ramone Watts grows vibranium spikes
Ramone Watts grows vibranium spikes

When the West Coast Avengers are in bad shape after being attacked by a hoard of vampires who believe that America Chavez is their ‘chosen one’; Ramone arrives with her new suit to save the day. It’s there she learns that she can control her suit, almost as if it was a Venom-like alien symbiote.  But when things aren’t looking good when she comes to the rescue. She unleashes her full power and grows huge vibranium spikes out of her body to take out the rest of the vampire gang.

She is definitely ranked one of the most powerful heroes but readers might not be able to see her as West Coast Avengers is ending. But she could always pop up in other books and dazzle us.

West Coast Avengers #10 is on sale now from Marvel online and at your local comic shop.

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