Wolverine Makes A Mistake In “Wolverine: Infinity Watch” Finale And The Entire Marvel Universe Could Suffer Due To It

Wolverine’s amateur mistake has put the marvel universe in jeopardy

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The Marvel Comics Universe harbours some key relics which are just so powerful that if they fall into the wrong hands then it will wreck havoc. Take for example Thanos. Each one of the Infinity Stones are really powerful on their own and tyrants like Thanos try to use them to reshape reality at any possible juncture.

In the Wolverine: Infinity Watch finale, Logan finds himself using another similar artifact, the Time Bat. But due to an uncharacteristic moment of absent-mindedness in the heat of battle, he ends up losing it. Now it’s just in the depths of space, waiting for some villain to stumble upon it and gaining full access to wield one of the most powerful weapons in existence.

The Time Bat And The Repercussions Of Wolverine Losing It

The cover of Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine
The cover of Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine

The time bat first appeared in 2010s Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine#2, by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert. Both Avengers embarked on a time traveling adventure, thanks to the X-Men villain Mojo and a collection of time diamonds. Whenever Spider-Man and Wolverine came in contact with these time diamonds, they were transported to a different era. Whenever they hit the villains Czar and Big Murder with the bat, they were hurtled through the timestream. This story later revealed the power of temporal displacement came from the diamonds and the bat was merely a vehicle to guide the transportation. The bat didn’t resurface until the start of this miniseries, when Old Man Phoenix, a Phoenix infused Wolverine from the alternate future, met his younger counterpart and passed along the weapon to swing at enemies. Since then, Logan has been using it to counteract the time stopping abilities of the escaped Earth convict, Hector, with whom the Time Stone has bonded while Wolverine would usually keep up with a weapon this powerful. He makes an amateur mistake by losing it.

Bats too runs for cover
Bats too runs for cover

When Warbriger, the Chitauri overlord; attacks Talonar’s ship, he makes it clear he wants Hector’s temporal powers. Talonar (ala Robbie Rider), Robbie’s mom Gloria, Loki (disguised as Nova) and Doctor Strange’s ghost dog, Bats, all run for cover as the battle begins. Hector struggles to get involved since his time warping abilities aren’t working. Thankfully, he finds a new war-suit in Robbie’s ship that helps him get his groove back. Despite everyone’s best efforts against Warbringer, the villain’s much more of a heavy-hitter than first assumed. The fight leads to the vessel exploding, but luckily the alliance is teleported to earth, which leaves Warbringer without his prize.

Hector goes his separate way from Logan but then we find that the X-Man left the bat on the ship during the brawl with the Raptors. The hero asks him to help retrieve it, but Hector’s not having any if it. At this point, Logan even tries to fool himself into thinking that it was destroyed in the explosion.

While bat was almost certainly durable enough to survive the explosion, there’s a strong possibility that Warbringer could have ended up with it as they both float through the debris in space. While it’s not as strong as Hector’s Time Stone, a Time Bat is a huge asset to a villain like Warbringer.

Logan’s mistake might even allow the alien to find Hector once more. Since he has the Time Bat now, he stands a much better shot at stealing the Time Stone. If it’s some other cosmic villain picking up the relic, it would still be horrifying news for the wide Marvel Universe. Old Man Phoenix said that the Time Bat would have a huge role to play in reshaping the universe someday. With villains like the Black Order, Hela and so many more roaming the galaxy, the Time Bat is probably just sitting there waiting to become some villain’s ultimate weapon.

(Source: cbr.com and cinemablend.com)

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