Wolverine: The X-Men’s Latest Threat Just Took Down Another Mutant Team

Wolverine’s latest foe took out two X-Men squads without lifting a finger, and there is no telling what this Marvel villain might make Logan do next.

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Exclusive Preview: Wolverine #2
Exclusive Preview: Wolverine #2

Wolverine could be one among the toughest protagonists within the Marvel Universe, but his mind has always been his scrawny spot. For years, the X-Man was well-defined by the missing recollections he lost to the torturous Weapon X Program. And even after Logan made a replacement home with the X-Men and eventually regained his memories, he still struggled to regulate his more feral instincts, especially within the heat of battle.
At the beginning of his new ongoing series, Logan departed through some serious reminder as some acquainted issues appeared to come with revenge. In Wolverine #1, an injured and bloodied Logan awakened within the Alaskan backwoods, surrounded by the butchered bodies of Jean Grey and X-Force. To his horror, Logan quickly comprehended that he was liable for the massacre before him, although he has no idea how it happened.


Wolverine: The X-Men's
The latest threat

In Wolverine #2, Logan remembers a hallucination that made it appear to be he was taking down his rivals Lady Death strike, Sabretooth and Weapon X’s Doctor Cornelius rather than his co-players. Logan also learns that he wasn’t the sole X-Man who was turned in contradiction of his teammates by the X-Men’s new mind-controlling villain, the Pale Girl.
As a part of its ambassadorial contract with the remainder of the planet , the mutant nation Krakoa is spreading a couple of life-saving medicines all round the world. However, a number of Krakoa’s magical drugs have started vanishing, and people missing miracle drugs are getting used to make a drug of abuse called pollen by the mysterious Flower Cartel. Like Wolverine’s attack on X-Force, those fatalities are the work of the Pale Girl, a mysterious, ghostly presence who appears to be the Flower Cartel’s main enforcer. Although the detailed nature of her abilities remains unclear, she has already operated minds with considerable psychic defenses.
Early in Wolverine #2, the Pale Girl attacks the X-Men’s Marauders as they’re transporting a shipment of Krakoan petals stumped.


WOLVERINE #2: Your Own Worst Problem
Wolverine #2

Without showing any determined effort on her part, the Pale Girl scored the execution of X-Force and therefore the mortification of the Marauders, two teams filled with Marvel’s most seasoned X-heroes.
While that might be adequate for any villain to form a permanent first imprint, the Pale Girl still isn’t done creating destruction on the X-Men’s world. within the closing moments of Wolverine #2, the Pale Girl holds Wolverine and makes him kill Jeff Bannister, a C.I.A. agent who’s been investigating pollen and dealing alongside Logan. By killing a person’s, the Pale Girl just made Logan break the last word law of Krakoa. While the explanatory circumstances of his possession will perhaps save him from joining Sabretooth in exile for breaking that law, it’s going to alright still draw the unsolicited attention of the U.S. government.
Even though the X-Men only has an ambiguous understanding of the Pale Girl’s powers, she’s already outmaneuvered the X-Men at every turn. And now that she has Wolverine and a ship filled with Krakoan remedy under her control, Marvel’s mutants won’t have a trace of an opportunity against their ethereal foe.

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