Wolverine’s Skeleton Made Him A Millionaire!

If you’ve ever wondered just how much the metal inside Wolverine is worth, an X-Men comic from the 80s revealed its value.

When it comes to the amusing heroes in the Marvel Universe, the first people that come to mind include Iron Man, Black Panther, and Moon Knight.

But, there is one character with a secret amount of wealth that they might never get to enjoy – Wolverine.



Wolverine is one of the X-Men’s most influential heroes, thanks to searchable claws, a therapeutic factor, and an array of other valuable powers.

Wolverine’s transformed powers were advanced (without his consent) when Weapon X captured and experimented on him, leading to his bones to become pure adamantium.

The experiments made Wolverine even stronger, but one of the unforeseen results of being infused with the metal was the fact it made him valuable… literally.


The X-Perts Assessment of Claremont's X-Men
The X-Perts Assessment of Claremont’s X-Men.

In Uncanny X-Men #126 by  Claremont, John Byrne, Terry Austin, Tom Orzechowski, and Glynis Wein, an exact price range is put on the value of Wolverine’s metal bones.

In the issue, the X-Men travel to Muir Island to locate some of their teammates after the mysterious Mutant X has wreaked havoc at Moira McTaggart’s Mutant Research Centre. Wolverine tracks Mutant X’s scent but ends up running into a cop.

It turns out the cop is a Mutant X in disguise, but as he tries to psychically control Wolverine, the mutants metal prevents him from doing so. Wolverine quips that “it is not just metal, sweetheart. I got a skeleton made of about three million bucks worth of adamantium.”


Wolverine's Metal Skeleton Makes Him a Millionaire
This is how Wolverine’s Metal Skeleton Makes Him a Millionaire.

Considering Uncanny X-Men #126 was written in 1979, Wolverine’s bones are worth more today. Adjusted for inflation, $3 million would amount to more than $10 million today.

If Wolverine is ever desperate for cash, he can cut a part of his claw off and probably get a decent amount of money for it. Although considering the X-Men’s vast resources, he would have to be in a tight situation financially.

But, the option is always there – even if Wolverine selling his own bones for cash would be horrific for both Logan and readers. There’s got to be other ways to make money – especially now that he’s on Krakoa.

You can have a look at the characters sketch here:

sources: Screenrant, Marvel


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