World’s Greatest Anime Studio’s Food Illustrations Look Deceptively Delicious (Even More So Than Real Life))

The first half of the picture is an representation of the cake in real life. Even though the shape of the cake is different in the two different pictures, it doesn’t fail to wet our appetite.

The cake in top appears larger making an impression that the anime must be characters loving the taste of it. The anime cake is wrapped in a cover whereas the real cake is on a plate, this could mean that it could be eat on the way to something or being delivered by someone.

Ham and hardboiled eggs are an instant turn on for food for both anime lovers and its creators. One thing the anime version does an amazing job is to highlight the fumes in the picture which suggest that it is freshly made and ready to be devoured. Also the anime version seems to have soup in the bowl this could mean it would have been a slimy version of the noodles on the bottom.

This is a kind of stew that the Japanese eat like curry and is quite creamy and flavorful. The top picture has less amount of it as it is served for one person and it has quite a less amount of vegetables per serving this could imply that the person is not a veggie kind of a guy. Overall the picture in both the versions look shining and yummy and not to mention mouth watering.

The bread is called melon bread and the cute girl’s name is Shana. The bread in real life looks like a slice of musk melon and hence the name. Top picture is eaten by Shana from a packet and as you can see she is quite happy about the taste of it. The bottom picture is being served on a plate with those three delicious entities which are ready to be tasted.

Many might assume this must be a boiled oversized onion but however according to the facts this is a stomach of a coelacanth. The anime picture is from a famous and renowned movie called Spirited Away. It is when the father of the protagonist greedily eats this mysterious dish in an overly mysterious place out of pure hunger including his wife. They both weirdly turn into hefty pigs who latter will be sent to a slaughter house. So watch out for what you eat guys!

Here are a few more pictures to settle your taste buds

Source: Out Of Mana

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