Worst Things To Be Done By MCU Heroes

Over the course of their last decade of dominance on the big screen, the MCU’s heroes have made some…interesting decisions. And, to be honest, some are considerably worse than others. These vary from completely honest mistakes and misunderstandings to outright dereliction of duty and child endangerment. Some of them are purposeful for the narrative of the various series and movies, while others—well, we’ll let you determine whether or not you think they were the fault of the authors miscalculating things.

Let us know whose actions you believe should be pardoned and who you believe should face the repercussions.

6. Steve Rogers time traveled

Mistakes by MCU Heroes
Mistakes by MCU Heroes

This is an undeniably difficult one—so problematic, in fact, that the creators of Endgame can’t seem to agree on how it works. Still, no matter how you interpret it or which camp you fall into, Steve Rogers abandoning the current day to grow old with Peggy in the 1950s was a pretty messed up thing to do. On the one hand, there is a timeline in which Captain America simply sat back and let a slew of historical crimes go place.

5. Tony created Ultron

Mistakes by MCU Heroes
Mistakes by MCU Heroes

Okay, this one gets a pass, at least in comparison to the rest of the items on this list. We get that “doing science” is what Tony and Bruce do as characters in the MCU, and that Ultron attaining consciousness wasn’t their fault, but still. On this one, they flew far too near to the sun.

4. Wanda became a Cult Leader

Mistakes by MCU Heroes
Mistakes by MCU Heroes

Wanda’s period as the brainwashing pseudo-cult leader of her own another world may have provided us with some very fun and bizarre moments as fans, but ethically, it’s all quite horrible. Perhaps we’ll learn more about the aftermath of these events in the planned Agatha Harkness spinoff program, but perhaps not.

3. Sam gave the shield to the Smithsonian

Mistakes by MCU Heroes
Mistakes by MCU Heroes

Hindsight is indeed 20/20. The entire plot of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier could have been avoided if Sam had just kept the shield and not given it back to the government (who, granted, absolutely betrayed him, so it’s not his fault).

2. Black Panther almost killed Bucky

Mistakes by MCU Heroes
Mistakes by MCU Superheroes

Another near-murder on the list was T’Challa’s ill-fated vengeance against Bucky (who, as previously said, had a troubled background but was truly innocent at this time), which brought the entire team dangerously close to tragedy. T’Challa seldom makes a bad decision—far he’s too cool for that—but this one was a colossal blunder.

1. Cap kissed his pseudo-niece

Disastrous things by Heroes
Disastrous things by MCU Heroes

Finally, we’ll deal with the elephant in the room: In view of all the time travel he ended up doing, Steve kissing his pseudo-niece was really, very strange, right?

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