‘Worth $117M, Still Rides A Bike’: How Rapper J. Cole Became An Icon Of Humility In The Music Industry

On Friday, J. Cole stopped by (in Las Angeles) to help a fan pay for his order. The young man, who goes by @thatoneguyrandom.100 on Instagram, wrote about his experience with Drake’s new song that is exclusively available on Apple Music, Overdrive.

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Rapper J. Cole
Rapper J. Cole

@thatoneguyrandom.100 captioned the picture as:

So I went to get some food after work, my card declined, next thing I know j cole pays for it. Wooooow

Cole Is Real And He Is The Best Rapper

Apparently, another user from the internet commented on the very same post:

He’s so real! And he’s one of the best rappers to ever touch the mic.

With that being said, J. Cole took it to Instagram to praise Drake’s recent album, “Honestly Nevermind.”

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Check out the Instagram post here.

How Cole Praised Drave’s Honestly, Nevermind

The new album from mega artist Drake has excited and frustrated disciples of his music, with the musician clearly splitting audiences down the middle. However, it’s clear that he still has a fan in J. Cole, who shared a screenshot on Instagram late at night indicating he was listening to “Liability” from the project. He wrote,

Man. This album is phenomenal. Point blank

Cole praised Drave's song
Cole praised Drave’s song

Worth $117M, Still Rides A Bike


This Is How The Fans Reacted



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With that being said, this wasn’t the first time Cole made it to the headlines. J. Cole made headlines by attending a fan’s college graduation after previously attending her high school graduation, following a letter she wrote to him in 2013 about the accomplishments and struggles she had faced throughout her journey.

Source: Hiphopdx

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