Would Tony sacrifice himself in Avengers 4?

Every good thing comes to an end. And we are afraid this might be true about Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Avengers: Infinity War raised a lot of questions. And the biggest was, where the hell are we going with Avengers 4? Even if they are able to beat Thanos, half of the universe is already gone. And so are the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet. So what is the purpose of beating up Thanos now?

However, if the characters are resurrected and so is the rest of the universe, we could get our happy ending. But as the Russo brothers have said that we have to prepare ourselves for more heart breaking moments in Avengers 4. But what could it be?

Well, lets filter it all out. If the characters are not resurrected, it just don’t make any sense at all.

With no Adam Warlock introduced till now, we couldn’t predict the Infinity Gauntlet comics storyline.

But recently a fan came up with another interesting theory.

He raised two questions about the Infinity War movie.

1. Why did Doctor Strange give the Time Stone to Thanos?

2. If Doctor Strange had seen the reality in which the Avengers are able to defeat Thanos, then is he trying to make it come true? And in that reality, does Iron Man hold the key to defeat Thanos?

Both the questions are completely valid.

Iron Man was the one who initiated the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was the one who laid the foundation for it all. But he was a selfish prick and we all know that. However, in Avengers, he almost sacrificed himself to save the world. So, is he going to do the same to defeat Thanos?

Well, the Soul Stone is the key to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. And it requires a sacrifice. If Iron Man would sacrifice his soul to resurrect all the heroes who dies due to the cosmic attack of the snap, he could just save the universe. This might seem absurd, but we saw how much devastated he was when he lost Peter Parker. He felt like he was the one guilty for all the chaos.

And the biggest clue, why did Doctor Strange protect him from Thanos at such a big cost? Is he actually the key to save the world? Is he the hero of the reality in which the Avengers win against Thanos?


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