X-Men Dark Phoenix bombs with critics and fans

Did X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reshoots change the setting of third act climax?
Did X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reshoots change the setting of third act climax?

Dark Phoenix, the final installment of the X-MEN franchise has faced many behind the scenes problems, with the movie delayed two times and the entire third act was changed, We Got This Coverd reported that the original ending took place In space but was changed to a train scene as it ‘was too similar to another Superhero movie’

The X-MEN franchise started 19 years ago, with many fans upset that the franchise is ending with other relieved and excited that the X-MEN is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dark Phoenix was planned to be a low budget movie but with heavy reshoots the movie cost over $130 million dollars, unfortunately reshoots didn’t save the film, currently on Rotten Tomatoes it only has a 21% score, Dark Phoenix did brake an X-MEN record but unfortunately not a good one, its currently the lowest rated X-MEN movie EVER! with X-MEN 3 receiving better reviews. It has also been reported that the ‘New Mutants’ a horror X-Men movie will have a 2020 release date, Disney will more likely release it on HULU, New Mutants originally had a February 2018 release date but FOX ordered heavy reshoots, given the reviews for Dark Phoenix it may be a mistake to spend more money on a flop.

Given the X-MEN background with ratings it’s no secret that Dark Phoenix would disappoint many, the CGI in X-MEN Apocalypse was much better than a newer movie! Hugh Jackman who portrayed Wolverine left the franchise in 2017, with his final movie Logan marking his departure. The movie is an origin story of the Phoenix storyline, which was easily the most famous X-MEN story ever! Unfortunately on the big screen FOX can’t seem to be faithful to the story, with X-Men 3 and Dark Phoenix failing to adapt the original Dark Phoenix story.
X-MEN Dark Phoenix is in Cinemas this Thursday.

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