X-Men The Animated Series – Why It’s Better Than You Remember

X-Men: The Animated Series was an iconic Marvel animated show that came in 1992. Even after almost three decades of it being released, here’s why X-Men: The Animated Series still rocks today.

Mutant Propaganda & Politics Took Centre-Stage

Mutant Politics Was The Central Theme

It is very hard to dissociate politics from X-Men: The Animated Series. The show was by nature very political. Senator Robert Kelly for example, is a right wing conservative who wants to make stricter laws for mutant policing. And he is playing right to his home crowd with the anti-mutant propaganda. Even the governments the world over are involved in some way or the other. The Russian government’s past with mutant experimentation is explored in an episode where Omega Red tries overthrowing the Kremlin. Even the goody two shoes Canadians aren’t as noble. with Department H being involved in rampart illegal mutant experimentation. While the rest of the world tries to make the lives of mutants the world over miserable, Professor X and his X-Men speak for a very marginalized section of the global community.

The Sexual Innuendos That Went Totally Unnoticed

Rogue Of The X-Men

The show had ample amounts of scenes that we did not get as kids but did so as adults. X-Men: The Animated Series took risky gambles at times but somehow the TV authorities did not feel like censoring them. Take Rogue for example. She was one of the most flirtatious members of the X-Men. When Cyclops came to give him CPR, she literally said “make a girl feel welcome” before moving forward. After the act is done, she says that “[they] have to do it again sometime.” Looking at the handsome Colossus behind bars, Rogue tells: “Now that is a shame, locking up a big good looking hunk of mutant like that.” In another episode, the Morlocks kidnap Cyclops with hopes that he could sire a child with their leader Callisto. The show was sometimes way too ‘risque’ for its own good.

Tackling AIDS By Creating The Legacy Virus

Legacy Virus

The ’80s and ’90s were the times when the AIDS epidemic was in full swing. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a very less-talked about subject back then because of the obvious social stigma. And back then, because people were crazy, they kept blaming the AIDs epidemic on the LGBTQ community. The Legacy Virus was another epidemic within X-Men: The Animated Series that came from the comic books. The virus was falsely claimed to be spreading from mutants into humans. This led to a crackdown on mutant communities all across the world out of societal fear. The entire epidemic was a ruse created by Apocalypse to help him conquer the planet. Bishop, a time traveling mutant hero, reveals that in the far future, mutants remain under lockdown because of being victims to stigmatized suffering.

X-Men: The Animated Series Showed Religious Beliefs In A Positive Light


Religion is a topic many shows, especially animated ones meant for children, tend to avoid. Not X-Men: The Animated Series though. They showed us that entire element in full swing and in many colors. Storm is herself worshipped as a Goddess by her people. In The Savage Lands, Garokk is a deity worshipped by the natives. Christianity is also represented in full vigor. Nightcrawler is very religious in nature and is an ardent follower. despite his demonic heritage, Nightcrawler’s faith in God remains undisturbed. Wolverine, a cynic and an atheist, is moved by Nightcrawler’s faith in forgiveness and is seen reading out verses from the Bible in one episode. Religion is complicated but X-Men: The Animated Series does not shy away from showing us their take on the topic.

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