X-Men Theory: How Phoenix Force And Galactus Can Be Easily Brought Into The MCU

One simple retcon could deliver a method for  Marvel Studios to write Galactus, the Phoenix Force, and even mutants into the past that belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Obviously, it is possible that Marvel will simply unravel that both Galactus and the Phoenix force have always been out there, but in some cases probably just too busy in corners of the universe that we are yet to observe on the big screen. However, it is always possible that an easier means is adapted to retcon them into the past of the MCU through the Infinity Stones.

It is crucial to understand that the MCU’s version of the infinity stones does differ t a great extent with that which we have seen in the comics. We really were not the only people to keep existing even after the huge crunch either; according to Thor: The Dark World, the Dark Elves ruled that dying universe, revelling in a bleak cosmos suffering from heat death and entropy.

Marvel currently is facing an extremely tough time: what should happen to the Infinity Stones after Avengers 4? Thanos’s story is the sensible conclusion of the story of the Infinity Stones, and once Avengers 4 is finished they need to be written out in relatively short order. The best way to do so would be to destruct them, just as Wanda attempted to destroy the Mind Stone in Avengers: Infinity War. But if some of these Infinity Stones are importantly prisons, then that opens up some interesting possibilities.

In the comics, Galactus was the only and ultimate survivor of the past universe. Although he is one of the most fearsome and terrifying entities in existence, the comics have continually stressed that he is an intrinsic part of the balance of the universe, bringing death – and thus allowing for rebirth.

There are obvious similarities between Galactus and the MCU version of the Power Stone. In the MCU, the Power Stone is a purple Infinity Stone – Galactus’s trademark colour – that, in ancient times, was used by the Celestials to judge entire worlds. Most importantly, the Celestials controlled the Power Stone by holding it within a staff, one with a crest shaped very similarly to Galactus’s helmet. Like Galactus, the Power Stone is inimical to life; the slightest contact with the Power Stone causes a living being to disintegrate. According to Avengers: Infinity War VFX supervisor Dan DeLeeuw, the Power Stone was most responsible for the “snap” that killed off half the life in the universe. “All the Infinity Stones have their signature colour and appearance as a visual effect,” he pointed out. The effect used in the “snap” is significantly designed to be reminiscent of the Power Stone’s disintegration.

It’s hardly tough to retcon the Power Stone as Galactus. In the MCU, when Galactus emerged this cosmic entity could have been trapped within the Power Stone. Perhaps influenced by Galactus’ own consumption of worlds, the old Celestials decided to utilize the Power Stone to devastate civilizations they judged unworthily; the life energy of the worlds they judged would essentially serve as a compromise to the Power Stone’s insatiable hunger.

This retcon would authorize Marvel to effortlessly put together Galactus into the past of the MCU. If breaking the Power Stone open were to release Galactus, then at a stroke it would add one of the most courageous and iconic cosmic characters of all.

The Phoenix Force is another power that surrounds our universe, and its story is even more incredible than Galactus’s.

The Phoenix is a cosmic force of death and life, destroying anything it regards unmovable and unleashing the potential for change and evolution. As such, it’s culturally related with the X-Men; in Avengers Vs. X-Men, a spectacular release of the Phoenix Force reactivated the X-gene all across the planet, granting a rebirth to the mutant race.

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