Xbox Scarlett is going to make the gaming scene red hot!

Microsoft is here and they have brought their big guns! They plan to launch their next-gen console by Holiday season 2020.

What is Project Scarlett?

Microsoft’s Project Scarlett is a custom-designed AMD processor, a GDDR6 high bandwidth memory, and a solid-state drive (SSD). it will give developers all the power they need to make their creative visions a reality. Thousands of games across four console generations will look and play best on Xbox Scarlett.

What is new this time?

Rumor has that the Xbox Scarlett is actually two consoles: Anaconda and Lockhart. While the former is the powerhouse for serious gamers looking to take their experience to the next level. The later is for a casual gaming experience with lesser power. the Anaconda is rumored to have 12 teraflops while the Lockhart sits at 4 teraflops.  it will also come packing 16GB RAM (13GB for games, 3Gb for OS), and like the PS5 will have a custom SSD aimed at drastically lowering load times across the board. All this would allow for the games to not only load up faster but once in a game’s world, it’s assets will come in with a lot more speed. Giving developers the freedom and means to add much more detail to their work without having to worry about pop-in.

Comparison and prices

The Xbox One X sits at 6 teraflops. The Xbox One S at 1.4. So, to leap all the way to 12 is major. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X has nearly half the amount of RAM and has no SSD. While these may sound like trivial differences. However, these are big improvements that you will be able to experience.

There’s nothing on paper on the Xbox Scarlett‘s price, however, there are some estimates. It will most likely retail for about $400-$450 and will be marketed as a premium device similar to how Microsoft approached the Xbox One X. 

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