“Yes it’s true”: What Cancer Does Andrew Tate Have? MMA Veteran’s Manager Confirms He Drove Tate to the Hospital To Get Him Diagnosed

Andrew Tate, who has a reputation for divisive opinions and a controversial lifestyle and is popular for his known for his MMA career, was recently detained in Romanian jail with his brother Tristan Tate on suspicion of r*pe and human trafficking. The arrest, in accordance with Romanian authorities, was related to an ongoing inquiry into alleged cases of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

In addition to his legal troubles, Tate is reportedly struggling with serious health problems. After being rushed to the hospital for treatment, rumors started to spread that he might have cancer. 

After rumors about the illness spread like wildfire, the manager of the MMA Veteran claimed that Tate is struggling with lung cancer. His manager confirmed it on Instagram on Friday. 

andrew tate
Andrew Tate

Additionally, his manager also admitted that Tate was expelled from hospitals while he was allegedly receiving treatment for the serious illness.

Andrew Tate began his kickboxing career in 2007 when he was 20 years old. Over the course of more than 13 years in the ring, he amassed an impressive record of reportedly winning 76 of his 85 fights. 

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Andrew Tate Reportedly Has a ‘dark spot on his lung’

The effects of Andrew Tate’s recent arrest are still unclear, but he still commands the majority of headlines. Just before the new year, Romanian authorities detained the disgraced social media personality on charges of r*pe and human trafficking. Now, rumors about the 36-year-old having cancer have started to spread.

According to his manager, Andrew Tate, who is currently being held in Romania on suspicion of being involved in human trafficking, has confirmed his rumors of lung cancer. He confirmed it on Instagram the previous day.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Yes, it’s true,” he wrote, adding that it was he who was accompanying him on the drive to and from the hospital in Dubai. “I don’t have any more specifics to share.”

The 36-year-old reportedly has a “dark spot on his lung,” according to his legal counsel. It is allegedly “most likely a tumor,” according to them.

MMA Veteran's Manager Confirms He Drove Tate to the Hospital To Get Him Diagnosed
MMA Veteran’s Manager Confirms He Drove Tate to the Hospital To Get Him Diagnosed

Tate’s doctors in Dubai and Romania have both confirmed that he has a lesion in his upper right lung, according to his medical records. Since he was denied permission to leave the country for medical treatment, he will remain in custody for at least through the end of March.

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What Cancer Has Done to Former MMA Fighter In Prison?

Andrew Tate reportedly wanted to see a doctor when he was in prison and get a lung nodule biopsy, according to the Romanian news source Antena 3 CNN. The majority of lung nodules are not cancerous, but some can be, according to the Mayo Clinic. Tate’s actual health status is still unknown at this time. According to his representatives, who recently underwent a consultation in Dubai, Tate was informed of his serious condition prior to his arrest.

As defined by the National Library of Medicine, the trachea is the section of the airway that joins the larynx to the two major bronchi in the lungs. One of two potential causes is primary tracheal tumors, which are those that form on their own in the trachea. The thyroid gland, larynx, esophagus, lung, or larynx can all directly invade the body and cause these conditions.

Andrew Tate detained in Romania
Andrew Tate detained in Romania

In 2006, Andre Tate began his MMA career. He reportedly fought six times in Essex during the Ultimate Warrior tournament. Along with it, he had a prosperous kickboxing career as well. When it came to light heavyweight kickboxers in 2008, the International Sport Kickboxing Association in Britain gave him the seventh-best ranking.  He was given the moniker ‘King Cobra’ for his championship victory. 

Moreover, since his recent medical condition is alarming, everyone is eagerly awaiting the judge’s verdict as Tate’s trial’s first hearing approaches. 

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Source- Spy News; Antena 3 CNN

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