Yoda’s Weird Way of Speaking – Finally Explained!

Spoiler Alert for Star Wars: The Mandalorian “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” streaming now on Disney+.

The perennial question about Master Yoda’s way of speaking might get an answer from the revelation that took place in The Mandalorian‘s, “Chapter 13: The Jedi”. Ahsoka Tano became the only one capable of hearing that child and reveals his name ‘Grogu’ through shared ‘Force sensitivity’. She later told Din Djarin that Grogu is wordless but he has the efficiency to a different kind of speech (which in turn might be the case with Yoda too).

Ashoka Tano understanding Grogu's way of speaking
Ahsoka Tano and Grogu

Since the very first appearance of Yoda on-screen, his vacuous language, with differently ordered parts of sentence gave him a realistic alien outlook. Also, this might be considered a part of his character’s legacy. Although in Grogu’s case, his quiet scenes with Ahsoka, reveal a completely new layer to this argument. Even when he seems traumatized from the Jedi Purge, he doesn’t lack the ability to learn a verbal language. His ability to sense physical existence around him through the Force rather than speech can be considered as one of his key characteristic as an alien being.

Grogu's way of speaking explained

This way of thinking cannot be interpreted so easily. The telepathic impressions that two Jedi share, with all the emotional layers and delicacy and silence, thrums of the galaxy’s energy traveling between them, already rely on intense meditation that allows them to be one with the Force. Looking at Grogu one can conclude that Yoda too might have not used the speech as a mode of expression for long time, explaining the tempo of his words. Because learning indeed becomes difficult with the passage of time when one doesn’t adapt it during an early stage.

Yoda's way of speaking explained
Master Yoda

Yoda’s style of speaking can be a result of delayed learning and the way he perceived the Force. While interpreting the Force into verbal language, the subject comes after the object followed by the verbs, making it sound absurd. After being able to learn speech in near future, Grogu might sound like “The shining ball Grogu summoned. The Force around Ahsoka Tano warmed. A smile she gave Grogu, though doubts she felt” while explaining the day he met Jedi and was tested by him. But this will only happen if the theory explained above stands true.

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