‘You can see her dedication and passion’: Katy Perry Supports Long-time Friend Kim Kardashian Amidst Balenciaga Scandal Shattering Kim’s Reputation

The two famous stars, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian appear to be highly cordial with each other, with no bad blood or drama. Their friendship goes back a long way, and they’ve supported each other professionally and personally for years. Many events, such as the Met Gala, saw them posing together and sharing their friendship vibes with fans.

Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry
Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry

Previously, Katy Perry helped Kim Kardashian by saving her from a beauty crisis at Met Gala 2018 and also, sending her a beautiful designer shoe collection after apologizing for joking about the reality star’s romance with her former beau Pete Davidson. It is no secret that they troll each other, make fun, apologize and get back together to support each other.

A lot of attention was paid to the socialite after Balenciaga was criticized for their strange advertisements featuring kids holding teddy bears dressed in BDSM-style harnesses. Despite criticism from fans, Kim Kardashian gets support from her pal Katy Perry, who addressed some nice lines for her.

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Kim Kardashian Gets Support From Katy Perry

While Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian are friends, the singer finds inspiration from her fellow celebrity entrepreneur. As of now, Kim K is facing backlash over the Balenciaga scandal, so the singer addressed that Kim K has a support system by having a friend like her.

Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry during Met Gala 2018
Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry during Met Gala 2018

Katy Perry’s Twitter fan account tweeted today, which reads,

“@KatyPerry on a fellow celebrity entrepreneur who inspires her: “Kim Kardashian. You can see her dedication and passion. She’s a day-in, day-out person with her businesses, and she has a great support system.”

The singer addressed her dedication and passion for her professional life and businesses. Katy Perry is inspired by Kim K and shows her support during this time when Kardashian is in need.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 2015 Met Gala, Perry also expressed her love for Kris Jenner and the entire family, calling them, as a group, “completely valid.” Once the Kardashian family shot a music video to one of Perry’s singles, they showed appreciation for her music.

Besides that, Perry has previously apologized to Kim Kardashian for posting a social media message meant to offend her. On TikTok, the 37-year-old singer was playing MASH, and the video had something to do with Kardashian, the TV star. In that video, she was tagged with Pete Davidson as her lover by the filter, and the singer wrote “no offense” and tagged Kim Kardashian in the post with a shrug emoji.

However, Kim Kardashian broke her silence on the controversial Balenciaga ad campaign, and few A-listers have issued statements of condemnation over the campaign.

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Kim Kardashian Is Re-Evaluating Her Relationship With Balenciaga

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

As a result of a controversial campaign produced by Balenciaga featuring teddy bears wearing BDSM-style harnesses, Kim Kardashian has decided to re-evaluate her relationship with the brand. The controversial Balenciaga photo shoot has finally been addressed by Kim K in a statement she shared on Sunday.

She tweeted,

“I have been quiet for the past few days, not because I haven’t been disgusted and outraged by the recent Balenciaga campaigns, but because I wanted an opportunity to speak to their team to understand for myself how this could have happened.”

She tweeted in response to her tweet below:

On Tuesday, Balenciaga pulled the controversial campaign following its spring 2023 ads featuring a child p*rn law decision printed in the background. The fashion house apologized for the bad news. A $25 million lawsuit was filed on Friday by Balenciaga against North Six, which handled logistics for the house’s spring 2023 ads. However, North Six was not involved in the teddy bear ads.

Skims founder and reality star has a long history with Balenciaga, appearing in several campaigns and walking in its Paris couture show.

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