‘You can wear pink, stilettos, and still be a boss’: Paris Hilton Roasts Her Haters, Says She Didn’t Maul Down Rivals, Build a $300 Million Empire By Being a ‘Dumb Blonde’

Paris Hilton is among those celebrities who got famous because they were rich and richer because they were famous. The hotel heiress owes her fame to a lot of ill-fame as well. Her quirky sense of fashion that was looked down upon by several and a leaked s*x tape are among the top reasons. Regardless, Hilton is a successful brand and a social media sensation as well, especially among gen z that hails everything and every one unique. And if there’s one thing Paris Hilton is, it’s unique, even if in her own peculiar way.

Paris Hilton opens up about her struggles in the beginning
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton on pink and power

Hilton recently gave an interview with the Spanish magazine Instyle. During the interview, the House of Wax actress claimed that she was actually playing a role during the first few years of her fame.

“People are realizing that I’m not a dumb blonde, but that I was very good at faking it. I want to show girls that you can wear pink, wear stilettos and still be a boss.”

Paris Hilton claims she used to play the dumb blonde to fool everyone
Hilton channels the power of pink

This seems like an archetype statement of gen z feminism, and Hilton has indeed become an inspiration for many young girls.

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One of the world’s first influencer

The great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels, further claimed that she had to haul ass in the beginning, all on her own with no help whatsoever. She confessed,

“In those first years I had no stylist, no manager, no publicist. People from New York high society would ask ‘Why is this girl dressed like that?’ But, I never followed trends. What I liked was creating them.”

paris hilton one of world's first influencer
Paris Hilton, a trendsetter for 20 decades

Hilton, without a doubt, was one of the world’s first influencers. And about her current social media standing, she proudly claims,

“It’s great to see that my photos and looks continue to inspire, appearing at the best fashion shows and being quoted by younger generations on Instagram or TikTok. It’s fun to witness the influence I’ve had on pop culture over the past two decades. I’m still shining, I’m still kind and authentic, I’m still wearing pink and defining pop culture… but I’ve matured.”

About her current vision and goals, The Simple Life alum said,

“I’m focused on my business, on having an impact on the world and on my family. My life changed dramatically with the release of my documentary ‘This is Paris’. I didn’t know who I was before its release. I learned a lot about myself and I continue to do so.”

Paris Hilton’s role is undeniable in creating what we now call the influencer culture. And now it seems, Hilton made the most of her power and position to make the right cut and chase success.

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