“You can’t tell that to her”: Madonna Accused of Hiring People Based on Their Star Signs Like Jennifer Lopez After Ryan Murphy Reveals He Lied to Get Hired

Astrology signs are not significant nowadays however, it doesn’t mean that their importance has gotten any low. Various A-list celebrities are still relying on the same to make some important decisions that involve their career. The list includes celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, who are accused of hiring people based on their star signs.

Jennifer Lopez and Madonna
Jennifer Lopez and Madonna

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American writer-director, Ryan Murphy recently opened up about the hiring procedure he went through which was based on Madonna’s choice of the person not being a Scorpio!

Ryan Murphy Lied About His Star Sign to Get Hired by Madonna

Ryan Murphy and Madonna
Ryan Murphy and Madonna

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The 57-year-old director, Ryan Murphy recently shared on the Glee-centric And That’s What You Really Missed podcast that he lied to the singer, Madonna to get a job. He opened up about a time when he was approached by Lakeshore Entertainment founder Tom Rosenberg. He landed an opportunity to conduct several interviews with the singer for a film however it required him to get selected via an interview.

He recalled what the founder advised him before facing the singer in that interview.

“In the elevator ride up to meet Madonna for the very first time with Tom, he turned to me and said, ‘I forgot to ask you, when is your birthday?'”

He continued,

“I said, ‘I’m November 9th.’ And he goes, ‘Are you a Scorpio?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he goes, ‘You can’t tell that to her, ’cause she won’t hire you.'”

Though the producer was quite puzzled over the question, Rosenberg replied to him at the time, “I don’t know, but just don’t say you’re a Scorpio. Say you’re something else.” 

While this would be an awkward question given that it was a work-related interview, the astrology question did take place.

The Glee creator shared,

I meet her. She’s lovely. The last question is, ‘When were you born?'” he added. “And I gave her my mother’s birthday of September third and she said, ‘Oh, a Virgo. Okay.’ By the time we got down to the lobby, it became word that I was hired.”

Though he never understood why would the talented artist would trouble herself with the astrology signs, he had a great experience working with her. Though, she is not the only one who had a problem with a specific star sign.

Jennifer Lopez Accused of Dismissing Backup Dancers Based on Their Star Sign

Jennifer Lopez
American actress, Jennifer Lopez

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The Glee alum, Heather Morris in a podcast with Just Sayin’ with Justin Martindale opened up about her experience as a dancer and claimed that the actress had once dismissed the dancers who were Virgo.

The 36-year-old actress shared about the hardships of being a dancer when they had to wait for hours just to be judged by other people without getting any pay. During one such occasion, J.Lo addressed an audition that was going on for days by stating, “By a show of hands, if there are any Virgos in the room, can you just raise your hand?”

After the dancers who were clueless about the question raised their hands, she said something to her assistant and the next thing that happened was they were cut after a whole day of auditioning for the songstress. While Leo and Virgo compliment each other, no one knows the exact reason why she did that.

Source: And That’s What You REALLY Missed

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