“You didn’t earn the title, my uncle did”: Michael Jackson’s Family Furious After Rollingstone Disrespects MJ By Calling Harry Styles The New King Of Pop

Michael Jackson’s fanbase is not happy after pop artist and former One Direction member Harry Styles was given the title of ‘The New King of Pop’ in a new Rolling Stone cover story. Even Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, came after Rolling Stone for the cover story. Michael Jackson’s fans claim that he was the only “King of Pop” and no one can replace him. The pop singer passed away on 25 June 2009, leaving millions of fans mourning. The outlet also labeled Justin Timberlake as ‘The New King of Pop’ in 2003 after he went solo from Y2K boy band *NSYNC and released his debut album Justified.

Michael Jackson’s nephew criticized the outlet

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson’s nephew thinks the title only belongs to his uncle

Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, criticized the cover story. He cleared that he is a fan of Harry Styles‘ work but he should get his own title as ‘King of Pop’ only rightfully belongs to Michael Jackson. He tweeted,

He also agreed with a tweet that accused the publication of constantly disrespecting Michael Jackson.

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The publication was accused of disrespecting Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
The singer passed away on June 25, 2009

The music publication received backlash for disrespecting Michael Jackson’s legacy. The late singer’s fans criticized the outlet.

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Before Harry Styles, they gave the title to Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake was given the ‘The New King of Pop’ title in 2003

In 2003, the outlet also labeled Justin Timberlake as ‘The New King of Pop’ after he left the Y2K boy band *NSYNC and released his debut album Justified. The title rightfully belongs to Michael Jackson as the late singer worked very hard and was a global sensation. He passed away on 25th June 2009 from cardiac arrest caused by a lethal combination of prescription drugs given by his personal physician, Conrad Murray. Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris, and Prince Michael II do everything to defend their father’s legacy. They actively spoke against the child molestation allegations that were put on the singer. The singer was extremely talented and changed the music industry forever.

Source: Twitter

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