“You have used my name for clout and money”: $245M Rich YouTube Star Logan Paul Refuses Committing $6M Crypto Scam, Claims Coffeezilla Used Him To Become Famous

YouTube journalist Stephen Findeisen, known popularly as Coffeezilla, has thrown hands with Logan Paul. The two have been sparring it out on the fact whether or not Paul’s failed CryptoZoo project is a scam. It all started in 2021, with its initial release.

People lost a lot, with the losses being monumental. And Coffeezilla, in his three-part explosive video series, had some interesting details to share about how the WWE star had released the project intending to defraud innumerable people out of their money. Logan Paul was not one to sit back though.

Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen unearthed Logan Paul’s alleged scam

Stephen Findeisen
Stephen Findeisen blasts Logan Paul for CryptoZoo scam

On his YouTube page, Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen spoke at length about the scam that he said Cryptozoo was, in a three-part video series titled, ‘Investigating Logan Paul’s biggest Scam’. The series turned out to be a hit, as it garnered 16.2 million views. The objective of the series? To prove what a sham it was.

Findeisen interviewed a dozen victims of the failed crypto game. All of them had bought NFTs, which would have seen them make money when the game would be released. Much to their despair, it wasn’t meant to be, as the game would never be released because of some issues, and they lost thousands of dollars.

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Logan Paul sends a clear message to fellow YouTuber

YouTuber Logan Paul in love?
Logan Paul claims that Coffeezilla has made his video series to get the benefit of his name

The CryptoZoo project may have been the brainchild of a group of people, including certain actors as well. But the brunt for its failure had to be borne by Logan Paul, partly because of being one of the most popular names behind it. And also because of the fact that he did not sell his tokens during the alleged ‘scam’.

Paul was not going to let Coffeezilla’s comments slide though. The 27-year-old hit back saying,

“You have used my name for views and money. Your addiction to clicks has clouded your judgment and you’ve made very real errors with very real repercussions.” 

He also accused Findeisen of relying on shady techniques to illegally share his calls with Manager Jeff Levin.

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See you in court!

Logan Paul
Logan Paul threatens Coffeezilla with legal action

Logan Paul also said that CryptoZoo’s lead developer Zack Kelling had lied about a host of things in Coffeezilla’s video series, ranging from the number of engineers to the objective of making the game. Paul contended that CryptoZoo would be back soon. He even invited the journalist on Impaulsive, before giving a grim response to the 37-year-old YouTuber – “I’ll see you in Court.”

But Findeisen wasn’t bothered by this. He attacked Paul by saying,

“0 apologies, 0 addressing victims, 0 accountability…did he really say he was going to SUE ME, and also say he’d love to host me on Impaulsive? LMAO IT’S A TRAP!” 

Looks like this is going to be the most interesting fight of Paul’s life.

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Source: Mirror, Marca

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