“You just ruined my birthday and my life”: Kelly Ripa Left Daughter Lola Traumatized When She Walked On the Emmy Winner Having S-x With Husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos undoubtedly have one of the healthiest marriages in Hollywood. The two have been happily married since 1996 and share three kids. And with the things they say and the photos they share, it is apparent that they have kept the spark alive, even at 51.

Kelly Ripa has recently published her first book, a memoir called Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories, and it’s got stories from all phases and remarkable events of her life. And the most popular story among them, one that is already making headlines, is along the lines of Ripa passing out during a love-making session because Mark Consuelos is just THAT good.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos sex stories
A couple that has kept the spark alive

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have done “it” in public bathrooms and on a boat

Kelly Ripa was on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen asked the Hope and Faith actress about the wild locations she has done it in with her husband. He said, “Based on your Instagram PDA alone, it’s hard to imagine there’s a place where you and Mark haven’t done the deed.”

Cohen asked the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host if she has ever “schtupped” in a public bathroom or on a boat. Ripa replied in positive to both the places. She then answered, “I don’t think so,” when Cohen, 54, asked about making love “in the car on the way to an event.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have sex like bunnies
Just as cheeky after 26 years of marriage

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Two places that Ripa confessed she had hooked up with Mark Consuelos in, were the set of All My Children and at Cohen’s Fire Island home. She explained the latter location, saying, “It was a rental house. I figured I wasn’t desecrating anything that you own.” Finally, the Generation Gap host answered a final no when asked if she had ever done it in a dressing room or on the set of Live.

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I used to see in color and now everything is gray

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos sex stories
Make love like bunnies?

Further in the episode, Kelly Ripa shared why she doesn’t “get tired” of lovemaking with her husband of 26 years. The Emmy winner gushingly said, “[Because] the woman comes first.” Cohen then added that the two have s*x “like bunnies” and he “pleases [her] over and over.”

This is not the first time that Ripa has candidly talked about her s*x life on television. Back in September 2021 even, Mark Consuelos said of his missus that she often used “love and sexy time” to resolve any issues between them.

In June 2019, Consuelos was a guest on Ripa’s ABC Daytime talk show, where he recalled the fateful day when their daughter walked in on them doing the do. He said, “She opens the door … and we’re like ‘Ah, close the door, knock, what are you doing?’” Ripa added, “She shuts the door and you hear, ‘You just ruined my birthday and my life, and I used to see in color and now everything is gray.’”

That must have caused a few awkward dinner table silences, but it is all a hoot when one thinks in flashbacks. And we love to hear a couple so in love after all these years.

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