‘You lying b**ch…you’re marked for death already’: Jennifer Lopez Terrorized Journalist Who Gave Bad Reviews For Her Performance In 1997’s Selena Movie, Said She’s On “Her list”

The controversial diva, Jennifer Lopez apparently has a list of people that have wronged her. The entitled singer is petty and cannot handle it if her work is criticized. Instead of taking criticism as a part of the job, the actress-singer prefers going after these journalists herself. The actress performed in the 1997’s Selena movie and got an overall good response. However, a journalist did post a negative review and the actress went ahead and terrorized her.

Jennifer Lopez’s movie Selena

Jennifer Lopez in Selena

Gregory Nava wrote and directed the 1997 American biographical musical drama film,  Selena. The movie follows the rise to fame and the tragic demise of Tejano music icon Selena Quintanilla Pérez. The Amor Prohibido singer was murdered by Yolanda Saldávar at the age of 23. Warner Bros. Pictures released the film on March 21, 1997, in the United States.

Jennifer Lopez starred in the movie as Selena Quintanilla Pérez and had her very first leading role in her career. She also celebrated the 25th anniversary of her classic biopic Selena this year. She paid tribute to the musical icon whose life story propelled her to fame. The actress celebrated in an emotional social media post, marking the date the movie first hit theaters on March 21, 1997.

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The actress did not take criticism very well

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

The movie, Selena did exceptionally well at the time and received a positive response from the audience. However, just like every other film, the movie got some bad reviews as well. A majority of these were directed towards Jennifer Lopez’s performance. “The one thing you don’t do when you walk out of this movie says ‘Who’s that girl?‘” a journalist wrote. The actress did not take this well and held on to it for a long time. She went so far that she took out her frustration on another journalist from the same magazine. This is enough proof that the Love Don’t Cost a Thing singer is petty and cannot handle criticism.

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JLo went ahead and terrorized the journalist over a movie review

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez even threatened the journalist in an interview.  “There are certain people marked for death already. I have my little list of journalists that have treated me unfairly,” the actress said. The Marry Me actress brings up the movie review of Selena and says:

I was totally happy with my work in Selena, but out of the 700 reviews… I can quote the one who said,The one thing you don’t do when you walk out of this movie is say ‘Who’s that girl? I was like, ‘You lying b**ch!When another person from the same magazine came up to me, the first thing I said to her was, ‘You tell that other b**ch that writes for your magazine that I’m never talking with her again.’

She told the journalist who came to her, “I definitely have my list of people that are going to get their justice.” The actress did her best to terrorize the journalist even more. Jennifer Lopez may have taken the review to the heart, however, her statement that the journalist is marked for death was a bit too much.

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