“You should see something else”: Quentin Tarantino Remains Unfazed After Using ‘N-Word’ in Movies, Gets Support from Samuel L Jackson and Jamie Foxx for Showing the Truth

Quentin Tarantino is one of the high-profile celebrities in the Hollywood industry whose films are characterized by frequent references to dark humor, popular culture, and ensemble cast among various other characteristics. He began his career as an independent filmmaker with the crime film Reservoir Dogs. He went on to give more amazing films however faced backlash for the same.

Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino

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The actor has been criticized for his frequent use of violence and racial slurs in his movies that caused controversy however his thoughts on using the N-word remain indifferent.

Quentin Tarantino Remains Unvexed Over His Use of Racial Slurs and Violence in Movies

Quentin Tarantino
Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino

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The 59-year-old filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino is one of the most successful directors in the Hollywood industry who received numerous awards for his contribution to the industry.

Even after getting a successful career, he is often subjugated to criticism as he frequently uses racial slurs and violence in movies.

In an appearance on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, the director addressed the issue regarding his using N-word in the movies and showcasing violence in it.

The host asked him, “You talk about being the conductor and the audience being the orchestra. So when people say, ‘Well there’s too much violence in his movies. He uses the N-word too often.’ You say what?” 

The author responded by giving a subtle response, “Then see something else.”

“If you have a problem with my movies then they aren’t the movies to go see. Apparently, I’m not making them for you,” the actor shared in the interview.

Samuel L. Jackson Defended Quentin Tarantino’s Creative Approach in The Latter’s Movies

Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson in Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Samuel L. Jackson has worked with the director in many movies including 2012’s Django Unchained which used the racial slur over 100 times.

Back in 2019, the actor defended his collaborator by stating in an interview, “You can’t just tell a writer he can’t talk, write the words, put the words in the mouths of the people from their ethnicities, the way that they use their words.”

He added, “You cannot do that, because then it becomes an untruth; it’s not honest. It’s just not honest.”

In 2018, Jamie Foxx who also starred in the 2012 movie shared having no problem with using the racial slur even though it was in the script many times.

I understood the text. The N-word was said 100 times, but I understood the text — that’s the way it was back in that time,” the actor shared at that time. Meanwhile, the author’s statement came after he reiterated his yet-to-be-announced upcoming 10th movie, which will be his last one.

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