“You were blown out by Prince William?”: Britney Spears Almost Became Queen Of England Before Being Brutally Rejected By Prince Williams (He Didn’t Show Up On Their Date)

The longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II recently passed away. The news came with a heavy heart, sentiments of gratitude, and huge media coverage as well. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, the British royal family is the talk of the town. An old interview has also resurfaced that is quite interesting and is being circulated due to its contents. The interview was with Britney Spears, who came dangerously close to becoming the Queen of England if things would have gone a bit differently.

The recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II

The former Queen of Britain passed away just a few days back. Queen Elizabeth II was put under medical surveillance on morning of September 8, 2022, due to her deteriorating health. Doctors were really concerned as things were not looking good for her. Hours later, the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death was announced to the whole world. The Queen had died peacefully at Balmoral Castle according to the royal family.

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Britney Spears was romantically involved with Prince Williams

Britney Spears

In an old interview with talk show host Frank Skinner, Britney Spears revealed that she and Prince William were romantically interested in each other. When the two were teenagers, they used to exchange emails and were romantically linked. The Hold Me Closer singer confessed on the interview that she had been emailing the Duke of Cambridge. “We exchanged e-mails for a little bit.” she said. This was during the time she was on a UK tour and was at the height of her fame after a string of hit songs.

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The prince left the singer hanging on their first date

Prince William

However their romance was short lived and the two never got to meet each other. According to Britney Spears, the two were going to meet for a date but Prince Williams stood her up. “And he was supposed to come and see me somewhere but it didn’t work out,” the Baby One More Time singer told. “You were blown out by Prince William?” host Frank Skinner reconfirmed to which singer replied, “Yeah.” Britney Spears went on to say that she didn’t know why Prince William wasn’t at their date. However, a story published by The Sun at the time claimed that he had prioritized going to a fox hunting.

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Source: Geo News

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