‘You won’t get any good publicity’: Fans Threaten To Cancel Gordon Ramsay After His Affiliation To ‘Transphobic, Anti-Free Speech’ Nazi Group

Michelin star-studded chef, restauranteur, and reality show host Gordon Ramsay is willing to open a new restaurant in Naperville. The celebrity chef already owns multiple international restaurants, however, with prosperity, Ramsay is willing to open a new restaurant with the expected name Ramsay’s Kitchen. Several social and public groups are standing in queue to get the first restaurant launching event contract from Ramsey. With a no-shocker, Awake Illinois is standing in line proposing the first event contract to Ramsay. 

Gordon Ramsay is set to open a new restaurant in Naperville

Awake Illinois posted on its official Twitter page that they are willing to be the first event contract for Ramsay’s new restaurant. However, fans have been pissed by the group’s tweet, and seem to have threatened Gordon Ramsay with their cancel culture. 

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Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant is to be canceled if affiliated with Awake Illinois 

The British restauranteur Gordon Ramsay is looking forward to opening a new restaurant in the west suburban location, Naperville. With multiple restaurants throughout the world and global recognition, Ramsay is set to open a restaurant inspired by his Fox TV series, on Jefferson Street. 

Gordon Ramsay is threatened by netizens

Almost everything related to the restaurant is set, starting from the name and location, to the date, just an event contract is due. Awake Illinois has posted a tweet on their official Twitter page addressing Gordon Ramsay to be his first event contract for his new restaurant. No sooner did the group post on their official Twitter page, than Ramsay fans gathered to criticize their post and their prospect. 

Now, since Awake Illinois tweeted, several fans have come up pleading and threatening Ramsay to avoid the welfare organization. The group organized by Illinois parents is considered a nuisance for its backward mentality and bullying of vulnerable populations. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to threaten the celebrity chef that affiliating with Awake Illinois might lead to losing potential customers or worse, where his restaurant might get canceled by the people of Illinois. Some Twitter users consider that Ramsay is probably unaware of the hate spread by the group, while others claim the chef must be made aware. 

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Gordon Ramsay threatened by fans over his affiliation with the transphobic group

Since Awake Illinois tweeted on January 22nd, Twitteratis and Ramsay’s fans have caused chaos begging and threatening the celebrity chef. Gordon Ramsay’s new expected restaurant Ramsay’s Kitchen might get canceled if he wished to affiliate with the transphobic and Anti Free speech group. 

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay should be aware of Awake Illinois

Awake Illinois has a reputation for being a notorious group that started back in 2021 with several parents coming forward with concerns regarding their children’s welfare. The organization has been criticized as a hate group that claims to be deeply concerned about children’s welfare however acts as an anti-gay platform, opposing proper sex-ed, and freedom of speech. 

Further, with the group coming forward with the prospect of affiliating with Ramsay, fans have gathered to oppose the possibility. Fans have stated in their tweets “you won’t get any good publicity if you affiliate with Awake Illinois”. 

Few netizens have threatened Ramsay with their cancel culture, while others have simply shown their dissatisfaction with the group. 

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