Young Actors Who Will One Day Rule Hollywood

Young actors are making the headlines for their phenomenal portrayals. They have gotten us hooked to our laptop screens. Let’s be honest, Hollywood is not a piece of cake. These young actors have probably gone through so many auditions, long days, and years of training to make their names today!

We know most of these young actors and they are surely going to rule Hollywood soon! P.S. We aren’t including Tom Holland and Zendaya cos aren’t the young actors already ruling Hollywood? Everyone loves them!

1. Victoria Pedretti ( will turn 27 in 2022)

Young Actors
Victoria Pedretti

Her haunting performance in The Haunting of Hill House will stay with us forever! Wasn’t she terrifying as the bent neck lady? She has graduated from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Her work in The Haunting of Hill House was so stunning that she was brought back in The Haunting of Bly Manor. She also starred in You as Love Quinn.

2. Kiernan Shipka (will turn 23 in 2022)

Young Actors
Kiernan Shipka

Many remembered her as the little girl from Mad Men. But she has grown up and taken quite challenging roles. She impressed fans with the way she carried the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  She was perfect casting in the role. In 2018 she even won an IMDb Top 10 Breakout Stars Award. Kiernan is one of the most promising young actors.

3. Sydney Sweeney ( will turn 25 in 2022)

Young Actors
Sydney Sweeney

Yes, Euphoria fans recognize her as Cassie Howard but she first appeared in the show Everything Sucks! on Netflix. She has even appeared in The Handmaid’s Tale as Eden Spencer and HBO’s Sharp Objects. But one role you can’t miss of hers is as Olivia Mossbacher in The White Lotus.

4. Timothee Chalamet (will turn 27 in 2022)

Young Actors
Timothee Chalamet

His roles in Lady Bird and Little Woman have had stunned us. But he has also had notable performances in The French Dispatch and Beautiful Boy. He also got an Oscar nomination for Best Lead Actor and he was the third-youngest nominee ever for that category that time. We all should definitely lookout for this young actor.

5. Ashton Sanders ( will turn 27 in 2022)

Young Actors
Ashton Sanders

Who would have thought when Ashton Sanders auditioned for his role, the film would go on to win Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars and he was attending theatre school at DePaul University in Chicago. Since his role in Moonlight, he has gone on to play some outstanding roles such in Captive State, Judas, Native Son, and the Black Messiah. He has also starred in Hulu’s original Wu-Tang: An American Saga where he played the hip-pop legend Bobby Diggs aka RZA. With such great experience, he is sure to make a big impact in Hollywood.

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