Young Avengers: 5 Ways They Can Debut In The MCU

The Young Avengers are the successors to Avengers after the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes part ways! It is obvious that the Avengers will retire and a new generation of heroes would take over.

Initially, the Young Avengers took the name and costume to pay homage to an Avenger, but then this eventually didn’t last long. Many “youngsters” who could become the Young Avengers have already been introduced in the MCU. Here’s how MCU could possibly introduce them !

1. They already got together during the 5 years in between Infinity Wars and Endgame

Young Avengers
Marvel Comics

Okay, this probably seems less practical since Young Avengers such as Speed, Wiccan, and America Chavez are introduced after Avengers: Endgame. But it was established that both Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang have survived the Snap. So maybe a young Kang already organized a team in hiding?

And possibly Cassie and Kate are keeping this as a secret from Ant-Man and Hawkeye!

2. We might meet them in the Multiverse of Madness!

Young Avengers
Multiverse of Madness

We have already seen America Chavez in the trailers for Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Since many Young Avengers have already been introduced in MCU, it’s possible that the other members will be found in the movie and join Miss America.

Those who have watched WandaVision, all know the credit scene of the finale, so it’s highly possible Tommy and Billy Maximoff will make a return too!

3. The Old Heroes will bring them and train them

Young Avengers
Marvel Comics

Well, this seems a very likely approach! Fans will witness the new characters being introduced by the recognizable faces. Young Avengers had their own Vision known as Jonas. White Vision was already introduced in WandaVision so this could lead to an old guard Avenger introducing him. (Even if it’s not the same Vision we know).

Apart from that, there are old heroes like Dr. Strange, Hawkeye, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner who are still active and can guide the new heroes!

4. They will come together to fight Avengers!

Young Avengers
Marvel Comics

This could be possible since as per comics, Iron Lad, the founding member of the Young Avengers was a young Nathaniel Richards aka Kang.

He could maybe manipulate his younger self to make the team in order to fight the current active older heroes! There are many other villains apart from Kang who could manipulate the younger heroes fighting the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

5. They will appear while Avengers are busy fighting Secret Wars

Young Avengers
Marvel Comics

The Original Secret Wars comics had many heroes take off Earth to fight on Battleworld. But then in Secret Wars (2015), reality ended with an interesting exception! In this version, a Battleworld was made of Earths from different dimensions.

This could be a great premise to show younger heroes taking on the responsibility of the Earth while the older heroes are fighting the Secret Wars!

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