“Your entitlement reeks and we see through you”: Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Trashes Meghan Markle For Comparing Her Marriage To Royalty To Legendary South African Leader’s Freedom, Says It Cannot Be Equated To The Same

Celebrities have a way of putting their most dubious claims without having any regard for how accurate their claims are. Being stuck in their world they can seldom look from the perspective the world looks, think the way the world around them thinks. And this more often than not lands them in deep trouble. Meghan Markle has found herself in a similar situation for her recent statements, facing ire left, right, and center. The backlash she has faced is without a doubt on another level altogether.

Meghan Markle shared that her marriage was on the same pedestal as Nelson Mandela’s release from prison

Nelson Mandela and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle said that she received a lot of support from South Africans following her marriage

In an interview with The Cut, Meghan Markle spoke of the support she received from the people of South Africa once she married into the royal family. She disclosed that while attending the premiere of the live-action version of The Lion King in London back in 2019, she was pulled aside by a South African cast member from the film.

She said, “He looked at me, and he’s just like light. He said, ‘I just need you to know: When you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets the same we did when Mandela was freed from prison.”

But her statements were not agreed upon by a lot of South Africans.

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Nelson Mandela’s grandson calls her out

Zwelivelile Mandela criticized the Duchess of Sussex for her words

One of Nelson Mandela’s grandsons, Zwelivelile Mandela, was vehement in his criticism of the Suits actress. He said, “Madiba’s (Nelson Mandela) celebration was based on overcoming 350 years of colonialism with 60 years of a brutal apartheid regime in South Africa.”

How could that be compared with an actress marrying a “white prince“? He said that South Africans dancing in the street of their nation when the late activist was released was more important and serious than her marriage.

He said, “We are still bearing scars of the past. But [Nelson Mandela’s celebrations were] a product of the majority of our people being brought out onto the streets to exercise the right of voting for the first time.”

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South Africans question The Duchess of Sussex’s reasoning

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle has been criticized by various people

But he was not the only South African to criticize Meghan Markle. South Africans from all walks of life were appalled at her outrageous claims and they took to Twitter to call her out.

The hashtag #VoetsekMeghan was trending on Twitter. ‘Voetsek‘ means ‘go away‘ or ‘get lost.’

One Twitter user posted, “Meghan you may fool Americans, celeb ‘friends’, social media minions but you can’t fool Africans. You’ve shown us who u are. When you try to rip the Royal Family you forget about who you offend on the way. Your entitlement wreaks n we see through you.”

Markle and Prince Harry, 37, recently honored the icon with an appearance at United Nations headquarters in New York City to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. One wonders how much do they really honor his work.

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Source: Page Six

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