Youtube Outage Freaked The Internet.

There have been instances on social media platforms that excite and also sometimes frustrates the user.

Various live streaming channels and apps sometimes go off, leading to loss of worldwide network. Recently a mild event related to Youtube’s connectivity led to the outrage of users.

What exactly happened with Youtube?

On Thursday, Youtube briefly suffered a setback for about a period of 5 to 10 minutes. ‘YouTube’ the word which needs no introduction though is one of the best video streaming services, presently on the internet.

YouTube is used by trillions of users worldwide at the same time and never failed in its services. It provides all sorts of channels and entertainment and is a pre-installed app in every smartphone, nowadays.

Suddenly, for the period it suffered a setback all the users turned to Twitter. Twitter turned into a platform for venting out frustration. 

Several tweets that acknowledged the sequence of events

There were thousands and millions of tweets after Youtube turned down. Some tweets that would excite the reader are here. 

Have a look!

The conclusion that one needs to draw from this event.

After the setback one needs to understand that certain social media platforms might also need a break. People need to look upon the fact that in the end, Youtube is also network-driven. It may sometimes crash and face network issues.

As an audience, we need to control the amount of anxiety and frustration we vent out. The irony of the whole event was people using one social media platform to complain about the other. The world of the internet, along with advantages has its share of disadvantages too. Confusing controversies, stranger-than-fiction moments, frustration over occasional outrages are constant.

As an audience, one needs to grow above all of this and look up-to-the greener side of the internet.

Sources: Comicbook, Cameroon


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