Yu-gi-oh Is No Longer Safe Over The Road 

By each passing day, you are flooded with news of tragedies taking place over the road. A lot of people are victims of accidents, and for a variety of different reasons. Some drink and drive, some talk on the phone, some are learners, some use one hand, and some even fall asleep. While each of these causes is what you would have heard of, the most recent one to break over the internet is least expected by readers. 

Yu-gi-oh causing accidents 

Yu-gi-oh causing accidents
Screenshot from the official Yu-gi-oh site

Yu-gi-oh, as you might already know, is a Japanese game made by Konami. It is a collectible card battle between players. The basic aim for you is to trade and collect yu-gi-oh cards and work towards having the biggest collection. You can use monsters, spells, and traps over other players in order to collect cards. Playing the game in a safe surrounding or probably when you are free is what is ideally expected, but certainly not anymore. The most recent news has fans actually laughing. 

The now-viral video 

The now-viral video 
Chaos Emperor Dragon card from the Yu-gi-oh game

 Less than 48 hours back, a driver was seen portraying distracted behaviour while behind the wheel. During the event, he was very clearly sorting through his Yu-gi-oh cards on his phone. A video of the incident has gone viral over the internet, making fans go crazy. 

In the video of the driver, both his hands are off the driver’s wheel. How we know that he is playing yu-gi-oh is because of the colourful borders of the cards visible on his phone screen. While the game is merely addictive and sacrifices to a certain level for collecting cards are acceptable, this really took it to another level. No yu-gi-oh card would really be worth letting go of the wheel and risking your life. This dangerous yet funny incident shows how playing-and-driving can be harmful too. 

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