Zachary Levi Open to Playing a Second, Darker DC Character After Shazam!

Zachary Levi lately dropped into Germany’s CCXP Cologne convention.  The actor starred in Shazam!, the latest enhancement to the DC Extended Universe. During his time there, the actor answered several questions about his plans for the future. He responded to a question about playing a villain within the DC franchise. It sounds like the star would certainly be up for the role.


Zachary Levi hoping for dark DC roles

Zachary Levi hoping for dark DC roles

” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Look, if DC involved me as well as claimed, ‘Hey Zach, we would certainly like to be in business with you. Would you like to play any of the characters in our universe?’ My response would undoubtedly be ‘Yes, please, thank you.’ There’s some that I would like to play more, I mean because I assume they’re more vibrant characters. But, I would certainly enjoy playing some dark, brooding [personality],” he responded.

Zachary Levi discusses DC Superheroes

“There’s a reason Batman is among one of the most successful characters. Actually, from a TV and also movie perspective, Batman is much more successful than Superman, right? Superman is an even more prominent personality in the record of background, so why is that? Consider it. Superman– and also, by the way, I love Superman– Superman is the supreme boy scout. Superman is true; he’s going to choose right. I enjoy that because Chuck and Shazam are sort of similar in that regard, I enjoy that regarding Superman. But for the world we reside in, as well as all of the things we type of hold up as well as value and whatever, I imply, Batman’s means sexier. Batman’s like, he’s got concerns [chuckles]”.

Levi added, “Yes, I would certainly enjoy doing every one of that.”.

Shazam faced good reviews from critics

Shazam faced good reviews from critics

Shazam! is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an outstanding 91% rating. Many applauded the movie in spoiler-free evaluation. The film differs from the majority of the superhero motion pictures released ed over the last few years.


Shazam! is currently readily available for home viewing, on DVD and Blu-ray. Watch the trailer for Shazam! here:


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